What is Auditory Processing Disorder?
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    • Last updated March 14, 2022
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What is Auditory Processing Disorder?

Posted By Attunehearing Attunehearing     March 14, 2022    


Auditory Processing Disorder is a problem with hearing and understanding. When people have this disorder, they may not hear or understand speech the same way others do. This can affect their ability to communicate, learn in school, hold conversations, and more. In some cases, it can lead to depression or anxiety because of the frustration they experience when trying to process what others are saying.




Auditory Processing Disorder can impact people of any age, but it is most common in school-aged children. People often don't realise they have this disorder until they start having school difficulties. That's because the spoken language is used so much in the classroom. Children with APD are often misdiagnosed as having ADHD or dyslexia because the symptoms can be similar.


There is no cure for Auditory Processing Disorder, but treatments can help improve a person's ability to hear and understand. These treatments may include speech therapy, listening therapy, or auditory training. Some people also find that hearing aids or assistive listening devices helps them process sound better.


If you think your child might have an Auditory Processing Disorder, it's essential to talk to a hearing doctor. They can do tests to see if this is the case and recommend the best course of treatment for your child.


Attune Hearing clinics are full-service hearing care providers, offering a wide range of services to help you on your way to better hearing health. From comprehensive hearing exams to the latest digital hearing technology, they have the tools and experience necessary to improve your hearing. If you're looking for a better way to hear, Attune Hearing clinics are here to help.