ECCA Manufacturers Have Broad Market Prospects

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ECCA Manufacturers Have Broad Market Prospects

Posted By xiu weetime     February 27, 2020    


Since our country developed and produced the new copper-clad aluminum wire in 1997, it has been fully demonstrated that the new copper-clad aluminum wire can save scarce copper resources in our country and realize "saving copper with aluminum" in the cable industry. It is a new conductor product to reduce cable cost and promote the sustainable development of ECCA Manufacturer(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE).

In recent years, the new copper-clad aluminum wire has been applied to the inner conductors of coaxial cables built in three networks. Besides, some domestic wire and cable manufacturers have also actively explored the use of the new copper-clad aluminum wire for the conductors of various wires and cables that transmit low-frequency current. It also meets the requirements of the national product standards for the cable industry. It has excellent electrical characteristics and performance, remarkable economic and social benefits, and has broad market prospects.

The copper-clad aluminum conductor is different from pure copper or pure aluminum conductor. It is composed of two metal materials of copper and aluminum. Its composite structure and characteristics have great influence on the performance of cables.

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