More New Technologies For Copper Enameled Wire

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More New Technologies For Copper Enameled Wire

Posted By xiu weetime     April 2, 2020    


Judging from the development trend of the global copper enameled wire industry, the production of copper enameled wire is gradually changing from decentralized management to centralized management, which has been basically the case in Europe and the United States. The development in Asia, especially in China, has also shown obvious similar characteristics in recent years. With the commissioning, merger, joint venture and foreign investment of more enameled wire machines, more and more copper enameled wire manufacturers with an annual production capacity of over 10,000 tons have come into operation.

The huge continuous production capacity of the copper enameled wire factory has also brought subtle changes to the requirements of the copper enameled wire paint. In the past, the pure pursuit of performance now focuses on stability on the basis of emphasizing performance. In order to meet this objective market demand, more new technologies have been put into use in the production process, quality optimization and application of copper enameled wire lacquers.

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