How to Strengthen Existing Military Defence Against UAS Threats
    • Last updated March 21, 2022
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How to Strengthen Existing Military Defence Against UAS Threats

Posted By Phillipes henry     March 21, 2022    


Drones might be starting to take off in the entertainment and marketing industries, but unmanned aircraft systems have played a major role in turning the tide of various wars. In many cases, they are weaponised to operate offensively. However, drones can carry out other essential tasks just as efficiently.

For instance, drones were used to train aircraft gunners during World War II. In the early 70s, Israel used them as decoys in the Yom Kippur War. It was not until the early 2000s that multiple government agencies began testing drones for disaster relief and border surveillance. Other newly discovered functions of drones include aiding search operations after natural disasters, monitoring climate change, and acting as airborne communications nodes.

That said, drones are not exclusive to one party only. As of today, more than 95 countries and an unknown number of terrorist groups operate military drones. Consequently, all parties in a conflict get equal benefits from using drones.

The Rise of Counter-drone Protection System

For this reason, counter-drone technology or C-UAS also gains popularity in the military field. The counter-drone defence system is made to detect, identify, and/or intercept unmanned aircraft, giving the operator the ability to strike enemiesÕ drones before they get to do any damage. Combined with the AI technology, C-UAS AI can automatically detect and disrupt drone threats or swarms, forcing them to either land or return to their operator.

DroneShield is an Australian publicly listed sovereign defense capability company focusing on radio frequency sensing, AI and machine learning, sensor fusion, electronic warfare, rapid prototyping, and MIL-SPEC manufacturing. Using the latest cutting-edge technology, we design counter-drone protection to strengthen the military, law enforcement, government, and critical structure against UAS threat

In the military sector, DroneShield provides military personnel with wearable, vehicle or ship, and fixed-site multi-mission drone defence solutions to combat the UAS threats. Our C-UAS AI technology offers world-leading capabilities to complement the militaryÕs existing detection methods instead of Òselling yet another box.Ó

As the original pioneer in the counter-drone defence sector, DroneShield is supported by a world-renowned engineering team comprising military veterans with deep mission experience and an understanding of deployment requirements.

In addition to drone defence, our expertise in electronic warfare and ISR produces superior results for situational awareness for our customers.

How DroneShield Aids the Military Sector

DroneShieldÕs sensors have world-leading drone detection and tracking range performance capable of detecting multiple drones simultaneously and even silent drones via their downlinks.

Our electronic warfare products are capable of not only jamming, degrading, disrupting, or neutralising drones but also deceiving, degrading, neutralising, and disrupting adversary communications networks and radiating equipment within the electromagnetic spectrum.

In providing controlled management, DroneShieldÕs C-UAS defeat capabilities do not involve protocol manipulation or ÒcyberÓ tactics, given the limitations of those methods. As for data and evidence collection, our counter-drone protection software easily integrates into existing security and control room systems and features rich alerting, tracking, and reporting capabilities. DroneShieldÕs portable solutions are suitable for supporting patrol teams and targeted missions.

Visit our website for more information about our C-UAS equipment and contract enquiries.