Never Trust Articles About Buy Magicmushrooms And Here\u2019s Why


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Never Trust Articles About Buy Magicmushrooms And Here’s Why

Posted By NUPEP SHROOMS     March 25, 2022    


Harvesting mushrooms by hand isn't complicated, but there's a right way to do it, and a wrong way. Learn how to harvest your magic mushrooms so you can enjoy multiple batches of healthy, uncontaminated mushrooms every time.

If you know what you're doing, harvesting your Buy magic mushrooms by hand shouldn't be a problem. However, to avoid complications, growers must ensure they harvest their crop on time, and using the correct technique. Additionally, growers should take care to sterilize all the equipment they use to avoid bacteria or mold problems.

Over the years, the growing and harvesting techniques used to produce magic mushrooms haven't changed much. If you know what to look for, the mushrooms will tell you when they're ready to harvest. Harvesting on time is the key to maintaining their quality and appearance. By the way, as long as you remember to work sterile and be careful when handling the mushrooms, the harvesting process can be quite quick and easy.


Harvesting takes place after the casing and pinning process that prepares the mushrooms to reproduce and grow.

The casing process involves spreading mycelium -infused compost into containers that serve as mushroom houses. A layer of peat is then added to the compost to serve as casing material. The mushroom mixture is kept in this state for about six days, constantly watered in order to maintain humidity. In about two days, the mycelium should be ready to grow through the peat and go through pinning.

However, customers who grow their magic mushrooms with one of Zamnesia's ready-to-use grow kits don't have to worry about the casing process. Our kits are designed to save you time and effort while ensuring a fresh harvest of healthy mushrooms.

Pinning is a process of creating autumn weather conditions to force the development of small white pins. These pins will eventually turn into small pinheads and then into mushrooms. Growers are advised to maintain a constant room temperature of 23°C throughout this stage.

If this is a problem, placing a heat mat under your grow containers should help establish a consistent temperature. The Zamnesia Infrared Mushroom Heating Mat can help your mushrooms colonize and grow faster.

After these processes, the mushrooms are ready to grow until harvest. After about three weeks of growth, the first flush can be harvested, and the second is harvested about 9–10 days later.


You will know your mushrooms are ready to harvest by the status of the veil under their hat. If that veil has been broken, it's Buy magic mushrooms time to harvest. However, at Zamnesia we recommend harvesting just before the veil breaks. This will prevent the spores from being released — more on that below. At this point in their life cycle, the mushrooms will have developed light, well-rounded, conical-shaped caps that are perfect for use.