Product manufacture by Aluminum Pipe Fittings manufacturer in India
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Product manufacture by Aluminum Pipe Fittings manufacturer in India

Posted By skyland metal     March 28, 2022    


Aluminum flanges are made with high-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology to fulfill internationally recognized quality standards. 6082 Aluminum Flanges come in a wide range of sizes, kinds, forms, pressure classes, and customizable requirements to satisfy the demands of our customer’s at the most reasonable pricing. Blind flanges, high hub blind flanges, slide on flanges, weld neck flanges, socket weld flanges, ring type joint flanges, lap joint flanges, and threaded flanges are all examples of aluminum 6082 flanges made by Aluminum Flanges manufacturer in India.


Aluminum flanges and their properties

Aluminum is a moderate alloy that resists corrosion well. Among the 6000 class alloys, it has the highest strength. Alloy 6082 is classified as a structural metal. Aluminum Alloy 6082 Flanges offer good weld ability, traceability, corrosion resistance, formability, and machinability, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, owing to their increased strength (due to a high manganese content) and superior corrosion resistance. Transportation, scaffolding, bridging, and general engineering are among the most common applications.


Aluminum 6082 flanges by Slip On Flanges Manufacturers in India are utilized in various applications, including high-stress applications, trusses, bridges, cranes, transports, ore containers, beer kegs, and milk drums, among others.


Aluminum alloy flanges are available in various standard

A182 F22 aluminum alloy flanges are available in various standard and custom configurations and are utilized in multiple industries worldwide. Various quality checks are performed on the 6082 aluminum flanges to guarantee suitability for use in numerous industries. All products are subjected to mechanical tests, hardness tests, chemical analysis - spectrum analysis, Positive Material Identification Tests, and other quality tests to ensure that the consumers receive only high-quality items.


Gravity casting is used to make aluminum flanges used in conjunction with stainless steel or plastic collars. They're made of EN AB47000 alloy aluminum and come in a raw or painted epoxy finish, depending on your preference. They're utilized to circulate water, gas, or sewage sludge in plants with medium-low pressures. Forged Fittings manufacturers in India offers its aluminum flanges are flanges for pipes with inch measures, metric flanges for metric pipes used in the paper industry, blind flanges, and flanges with dimensions adequate for mounting collars for plastic pipes.


The Aluminum flanges by Weld Neck Flanges Manufacturers in India, widely used in industrial microwave applications, is essentially a specially sized rectangular tube designed to carry or plumb microwaves. Hundreds of flange connections might be found throughout an industrial microwave application. The overall weight and cost can be reduced by adopting aluminum flanges.


Like any other metal flange, Aluminum flanges by Stainless Steel Threaded Fittings Manufacturers in India can collapse for various causes. When a flanged cable is damaged, one or both flanges may need to be repaired. The steps for fixing a broken aluminum flange are similar to those for mending any other metal flange. Aluminum flanges that have been broken can be soldered again on and re-machined, or they can be changed completely. An aluminum flange, like other flanges, may need to be repaired owing to damage or may fail due to incorrect manufacture or faults in the metal used in its construction.