Benefits of stainless steel heating pipes\u00a0

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Benefits of stainless steel heating pipes 

Posted By skyland metal     July 23, 2022    


Carbon steel is used to make seamless boiler tubes. They are extensively utilized in electric power plants, fossil fuel plants, industrial processing plants, steam boilers, etc. High-pressure boiler pipe or medium-pressure boiler pipe are both acceptable choices for boiler tubes.


There are tubes and casing that can withstand chloride, and carbon dioxide, as well as tubing and casing that can withstand other types of corrosion conditions.


Materials for heating pipes


A modern heating distribution system is divided into three system sections. These are the distribution pipe, the vertical ones, and the horizontal ones inside the living or community rooms. However, the following are suitable


  • Carbon Steel
  • Copper
  • Plastic
  • Some stainless steels

Carbon steel for heating


Carbon steel pipe and fittings are a classic and economical option. Since the heating system is closed and there is normally no oxygen ingress, corrosion is not a problem with properly installed and operated heating systems. SS Pipe Fittings Manufacturers in India offer carbon steel pipes and fittings in many dimensions. Depending on the nature, threaded pipes, seamless steel pipes, and welded precision steel pipes are mainly used for heating pipes. 


Copper heating pipes


Copper has prevailed over welded steel pipes as an installation material due to its well-known good properties in terms of construction and installation technology and pipe hydraulics. With the introduction of pressing technology and the possibility of using copper pipes with smaller wall thicknesses in heating systems under DIN EN 1057. 


The installation of copper pipes is once again more economical and, therefore, more interesting for the trade concerning other materials such as plastics. The use of copper pipes is typical for smaller heating systems. They are just as easy to join but expand more than steel pipes when exposed to temperature fluctuations. Copper Fittings Manufacturers In India includes all standard dimensions between 12 and 108 mm. 


Plastic pipes for heating


If the temperatures of the heating system are limited to about 70 -80 degrees Celsius, it is also possible to use plastic pipes with PPSU fittings, for example. They are easy to handle, corrosion-resistant, and have particularly smooth surfaces inside the tube. The disadvantages of plastic pipes are their high linear expansion and the fact that they are poorly permeable to oxygen. SS flanges manufacturers in India offer multilayer pipes with an integrated, oxygen-tight aluminium layer to protect downstream metal pipes from oxygen ingress. 


Stainless steel for heating - not more expensive than other materials!


When installed on floors or in humid atmospheres, the C-steel pipe system can only be used if adequate measures are taken to ensure that prolonged exposure of the outer surface of the system to moisture is ruled out. 



The system consists of stainless steel tubes and fittings pressed with the material 1.4301 (former designation V2A). As a result, it offers significantly greater protection against external corrosion than carbon steel. The application of a protective coating, as is necessary for carbon steel tubes, can be completely dispensed with. As a manufacturer, Forged Flanges manufacturers in India offer projects in an economically attractive way.