Make 3D Printed Pe Fittings As Such

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Make 3D Printed Pe Fittings As Such

Posted By fitting Tony     March 9, 2020    


Welcome to the first part of our 3D printing pe fitting tutorials! Did you know that it is possible to 3D print pipe fittings? Additive Manufacturing will provide you with high quality, robust mechanical parts. 3D printing materials can be water-resistant, heat- resistant and show great resistance to corrosion. Sounds impossible? That is exactly why we made this tutorial!

Our 3D printing experts have shared their knowledge with you by preparing this step-by-step guide. With our tutorial, you will learn how to design a T pipe fitting. It is, in fact, a fairly simple process. As in our previous tutorials, we are going to use Fusion 360 as it combines a user-friendly interface with very precise operations. This 3D modeling software is ideal to design mechanical parts and prepare them for 3D printing.

Why would you 3D print pipe fittings?

Not everyone knows the great variety of 3D printing materials. They are very strong and robust, at the same time giving you amazing design freedom. With traditional manufacturing methods, the objects are defined by the technology. Additive Manufacturing turned this process around and allows you to create new solutions matching exactly the requirements of your production.

For example, our Jet Fusion material has obtained results that “certify that the material can resist exposure to a range of 700 °C to 800 °C depending on the dimensions and thickness of the part. The fact that this material has a Glow Wire rating of 700 °C at a minimum thickness means that it can be considered acceptable when application requirements specify temperatures below 700 °C”. Another heat-resistant plastic is Alumide, which can withstand up to 120°C, and Glass-Filled Nylon which has a melting point is 176 °C.

Another property of 3D printing materials, which is sometimes crucial, is water-resistance. We have tested our materials for water resistance and came to the conclusion that three of them, especially with Smoothing beautifier applied, are fairly resistant to water. You can read more about the tests here.

Our Guide to 3D model pipe fittings

The aim of this tutorial is to show you which tools you need to create a pipe fitting. It is a fairly simple process using the most common operations. We will not explain each action in depth, such as how to create a line. Keep in mind to always stop the sketch after you create one, it is an essential step in Fusion 360. It is also important for you to understand that we used set measurements, but you need to adjust them accordingly. If you’re unfamiliar with the basics of Fusion 360, follow up with our software tutorial. Let’s get started!

Create a line 58 mm in length

1. Create the second line from the middle of the first one. It should be 29 mm.

2.Then, create 2 planes on each side of the lines.

3. Select the vertical plane and create 2 circles, 24.6 mm and 26.6 mm in diameter.

4. Repeat that on the horizontal plane.

5. Extrude the inner circle of the vertical plane by -58 mm.

6. Extrude the inner circle of the horizontal plane by -29 mm. Remember to change the operation to ‘’join’’.

7. Select one new plane on the side of the pipe fitting and create a 26.6 mm circle.

8. Add shell to the pipe fitting.

9. Extrude each circle with 26.6 mm in diameter by 10 mm.

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