it is completely fireproof and will keep your home safe

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it is completely fireproof and will keep your home safe

Posted By Baby wu     Apr 8    


Slate is a metamorphic stone that forms naturally as a result of the transformation of sedimentary shale into a harder, more impervious material under the influence of heat and pressure.  Slate is a type of metamorphic stone that occurs naturally in the environment.  There are a variety of quarries throughout the world that produce this stone, which is split and shaped by hand in a number of different ways.  Slate is unsurpassed in terms of durability and longevity as a roofing material, and some slate tile manufacturers provide warranties on their products that are as long as 100 years in length.  Furthermore, slate is unrivaled in terms of its natural beauty, a beauty that appears to be impervious to the effects of time and the elements, as evidenced by the fact that it has been around for thousands of years.

A slate roof on a home can mean that you will never have to worry about roof maintenance again, provided that the slate is of high quality and that it was installed correctly over a proper underlayment and underlayment and a proper underlayment.  Important considerations include the slate's quality.  Because not all slate is the same hardness or density, some of the softer varieties of slate, such as the lower-grade slate tiles from Brazil or China, will show signs of deterioration much more quickly than their harder counterparts.  No matter what grade of slate is used, improperly installed slate roofing results in a costly deficit rather than a benefit in terms of energy efficiency.  A slate roof's installation costs are the most expensive part of the process, and the only way to fix a faulty slate roof is to remove it and reinstall it from the beginning.  Before purchasing a roof, a professional slater should inspect the quality and condition of the roof to ensure that you are getting a good deal on your investment.

When it comes to slate , the longevity of the roof is only as good as the strength of the structure that supports it.  When installing slate tiles on a deck, solid wood decking that is 3/4 to 1 inch thick is commonly used as a foundation.  Slate will deteriorate much more quickly than other commonly used modern building materials that rely on glue to maintain their structural integrity, such as laminates and wafer boards.  In the same way, the flashing that is used must have a lifespan that is comparable to that of the slate itself.  The most common materials used in this application are copper and stainless steel.  Ordinary steel flashing will rust away over a period of 100 years or longer if left exposed to the elements.

To hold slate tiles together in courses, they are nailed together in staggered rows, with each successive row adequately overlapping the butt joints of the tiles below.  Copper nails are used, as are stainless steel nails and hot-dipped galvanized steel nails.  Each course must not only overlap the upper portion of the course below it, but it must also overlap by at least 3 inches with the lower portion of the course below it when viewed from the top of the building.  The head gap is the area between two courses that overlap and are two courses below each other in height.

It is important to note that, while slate is by far the most widely used roofing material, it is not the only type of stone that can be used for this purpose.  metal colored stone tiles have been made from a variety of sedimentary rocks, including limestone and sandstone, throughout history, particularly in the Old World and the British Isles, but also in other parts of the world.  In the United States, professional slaters are hard to come by, and experienced tile installers of other types of stone are virtually unheard of as well.

Additional benefits of a high-quality slate roof include, in addition to its aesthetic appeal, long lifespan, and low maintenance requirements, the following features:

The fact that slate is a natural stone means that it is completely fireproof and will protect your home from falling embers if a fire occurs in your neighborhood.

The nonporous and inorganic nature of slate ensures that mold and fungus will not be able to grow on or within its surface.

High winds and heavy rain have no effect on it, and it is extremely resistant to temperature extremes and drought.  Slate is a naturally occurring stone.

Slate is considered to be an environmentally friendly building material by many.  It is a natural material that has not been altered in any way, and because of its extremely long life expectancy, it is not disposed of in landfill.

In terms of both beauty and durability, a high-quality slate roof is unrivaled; however, slate is not a roof treatment that should be chosen on the spur of the moment, despite its numerous advantages.  A slate roof in good condition is an obvious advantage when purchasing a home with a slate roof.  Consider installing a high-quality slate roof on your home if you have the financial means to do so. . . if your home is suitable and structurally sound, if you have found an experienced slater and a reliable source of high-grade slate, and if your home is suitable and structurally sound. . .