Introduction to the weight of flannel fleece blanket

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Introduction to the weight of flannel fleece blanket

Posted By Changshu Dongfang     April 17, 2022    


Flannel fleece blanket weight
To make sure you're buying the right blanket for your climate, check the weight (or thickness) of the wool. Wool weight can have a big impact on the warmth of a new blanket, especially synthetic wool.

The term "micro fleece" can mean many things in the world of synthetic fleece. Generally, microfleece is the lightest (or thinnest) fleece. It's great for sitting by the fireplace or watching TV, but may not provide a lot of warmth in your bed during the peak winter months. Be careful though, as some companies use the term "micro fleece" to describe the feel of a fabric. In this case, microfleece is a smoother version of fleece (as opposed to synthetic shearling or Berber fleece), but it's also probably the warmest blanket the company sells. Be sure to read the item description for the recommended use for the blanket you choose.

Visually, it can be difficult to determine which synthetic wool blankets are thicker than others. This is because small changes in thickness can have a big impact on how warm a fleece blanket is. Look for wool blankets that are designed for very cold nights or have numbers in their names like 100 or 200. On the synthetic wool scale, 100 is an upgrade from micro fleece, followed by 200, which is probably the warmest number you'll see. But again, it all depends on the manufacturer

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