Application Field of Oil-free Air Compressor

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Application Field of Oil-free Air Compressor

Posted By luxi tools     March 30, 2020    


Application field of oil-free compressor:

According to major industries, high noise air compressors can only be used for simple air supply in some construction sites or industries, provided that the demand for noise is not too high. Quiet oil-free air compressors are widely used. Generally speaking, they can be used as long as clean air sources and quiet workplaces are needed.

Here are two simple examples for you:

For example, a machine with a dryer can be selected for the medical industry, laboratory analysis instruments, fermentation tanks, etc. in order to better ensure the air quality.

Then some commonly used pneumatic equipment, such as glue dispensers on production lines, printing presses or machines simply used to provide power and air. The drying function can be used as long as the low-noise oil-free air compressor is used. Users can seek help from industry experts according to the actual situation. They can also directly explain their needs to the air compressor salespeople, and then the salespeople can recommend the appropriate product model.

According to industry standards, the mute value of the mute oil-free air compressor must be about 65db, 100% oil-free, and the anhydrous standard should be accurate to 0.001 um. At present, due to fierce competition in the market industry, coupled with the low starting point, backward technology level and unscientific product structure design of most domestic enterprises, many domestic air compressor manufacturers simply cannot meet the industry standards, and the data provided are wrong. Even the basic requirements of material selection, internal treatment of gas storage tank and cylinder wall thickness cannot be guaranteed. In order to save costs, some small enterprises have many problems in quality assurance.

If you need an air compressor for your work and the environment needs to be quiet while the air source needs to be clean. Then Luxi oil-free air compressor is a good choice.

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