How To Relieve Foot Pain At Night: Easy Tips
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How To Relieve Foot Pain At Night: Easy Tips

Posted By suncoastpodiatry suncoastpodiatry     Apr 26    


Is foot pain keeping you up all night? Are you one of those adults, who make weight loss and work out resolutions only at night when you feel excruciating pain in your feet?
Foot pain is common and most adults are likely to toss and turn at night. Although you might be suffering from discomfort throughout the day, it is easier to notice even the slightest discomfort when you are lying down and trying to sleep. 
Isn’t it sad that instead of manifesting your life goals, you may have been up all night searching for foot pain treatment!
If you really want to know how to get rid of the pain permanently, a foot doctor might be of great help. In the meantime, you can try the useful remedies shared in this post to get some good night’s sleep.
What does it feel like when your feet are aching?
Pain or discomfort in the feet can be spotted easily while in bed. The most common locations to notice  painful sensations are at the bottoms of the feet. Some people even feel stabbing sensations around the heel or the ankle region. Overworked muscles result in throbbing pain. 
Those who are up on their feet all day long might feel shooting pain all over the lower limb. The pain can also be accompanied by swelling. 
The pain intensity varies based on your age and lifestyle factors. Most adults feel sharp and stinging pain, whereas some individuals describe the sensations as pinching or tingling.
What causes foot pain?
Foot pain can be experienced at any age. Overworked muscles are the most common cause of foot pain that we all are familiar with,  although biomechanical factors, hiking or long beach walks can also contribute to sore heels. There are plenty of conditions contributing to restlessness at night:
  • Plantar fasciitis: The connective tissues around the ball of the foot get inflamed due to overuse. The pain gets unbearable in the mornings. hose with inflamed plantar fascia notice painful episodes throughout the day and even at night.   
  • Peripheral neuropathy: Sciatic nerves contribute to painful conditions and can cause peripheral neuropathy People with uncontrolled blood sugar are most susceptible to experience peripheral neuropathy which makes nights uncomfortable. 
  • Bunions: Check your feet for noticeable bone deposits which are also known as bunions. The untreated bunions contribute to the soreness or stabbing pain around the toes and require foot pain treatment by a foot doctor
  • Fungal nails: When you keep ignoring the toenail fungus, improper footwear can worsen the symptoms. As a result, you may notice stabbing pain at night. 
  • Growing pains: Be it just fatigue, poor posture or a bio-mechanical problem, your growing children can also experience pain at night. The development stages affect muscles, tendons and ligaments and therefore kids feel pain in the feet at night. 
  • Medical conditions: If someone has abnormalities related to iron levels, blood sugar levels, kidney function or are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, they will find it hard to sleep peacefully at night. 
How to quickly relieve foot pain at night?
To relieve foot pain at night, you can try the following remedies:
  • est. It is the easiest and most obvious remedy that you can try to get some help. It can  work (disclaimer) for those who are dealing with discomfort due to busy schedules, trauma, or injuries. 
  • Swelling and redness can be treated quickly with ice packs. Apply for 20 minutes to reduce swelling and notice the difference. Heat packs are also very useful to relieve foot pain, although they do not actually treat foot pain.
  • Inflammation can be treated easily with over-the-counter drugs. Make sure to take only non-steroidal medicines to reduce the possibility of side effects. Ideally, you should see a doctor because taking too many pills can cause liver toxicity.
  • Replace  your bed. The idea is to replace your mattress. Beds that are too hard or too soft can contribute to restlessness.
  • Upward toes affect the plantar fascia position and cause discomfort, so it is advisable to wear night-time splints to correct the position.
  • Make some lifestyle modifications. Add time for workouts, Yoga, simple stretching exercises and limit the intake of alcohol. You can try herbal tea or spend some time massaging the foot before you go to bed.
When to see a podiatrist?
Mild symptoms can be treated with ice packs and over the counter medications. When you notice the symptoms are getting worse, it is best to stop self-treatment and talk to a foot doctor
It is recommended to book an appointment at a foot and nail clinic when:
  • The pain persists for more than two to three nights
  • The pain is accompanied by redness and swelling
  • The painful sensations continue in the daytime
  • Foot injury is not healing even after a week 
  • You need expert guidance for orthotic supports or night-time splints 
If your kids are suffering from growing pains then it is best to get them checked for gait analysis. Sometimes structural issues such as inward toes or abnormal joints can be the culprits. Instead of  waiting for  worsening  symptoms, get them checked right away.
What are the options for sore feet treatment?
The treatment choices are discussed after proper diagnosis of your condition and biomechanical assessment of your foot. ait analysis is the most common procedure to identify the underlying reasons for painful conditions among children and athletes. Those who have an active lifestyle may also (disclaimer) find useful insights through sports podiatry assessment. 
Your treatment options may include any of these:
  • Physical therapy
  • Dry needling and acupuncture
  • Orthotics 
  • Foot massage
  • Footwear advice
  • Diabetic footcare
  • Shockwave therapy 
  • Fungal nail treatment 
Final word 
The best way to deal with pain at night is to treat the symptoms as soon as you notice them. If interested, you can discuss your treatment options with an expert podiatrist on the Sunshine Coast. To book an appointment at a renowned foot fungus clinicvisit the link given below.