The Basic Structure Of The Lotion Pump

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The Basic Structure Of The Lotion Pump

Posted By FeiFan FeiFan     Apr 27    


    Lotion pumps are used to dispense viscous fluids and are widely used in products such as liquid soaps, hand soaps, shampoos, and facial cleansers, to name a few. Although there are a variety of lotion pumps available today, the basic mechanism remains the same. Operating in synchrony with the principle of suction equipment, it operates against gravity. When the head is pressed, the frictional force created by the inner wall causes the piston t to open. The piston moves when the actuator is pressed, which in turn compresses the spring. It exerts upward pressure inside the dip tube. Additionally, the material in the dip tube reaches the lotion pump chamber. Once the actuator is released, the ball descends, preventing the flow of material and ensuring it does not return to the bottom of the lotion pump. When the fluid in the body fluid storage chamber is full, press the head again to drain the fluid.

    Lotion pumps typically consist of the following six components:

  1. Actuator

    The head of the lotion pump is usually made of polypropylene. Working as a pump head, it performs the main task of expelling material from the lotion pump reservoir when pressed from above.

  1. Close

    This unit performs the most important task of securing the entire material to the neck of the lotion pump. Ensuring the safety of the entire assembly is critical.

  1. Outer gasket

    It helps prevent material leakage from the bottle landing area. Usually made of low-density polyethylene or rubber, it is usually friction fit within the closure.

  1. Housing

    The housing unit assembles all parts of the lotion pump in one place. Among other things, it serves as a transfer container to send material from the dip tube to the actuator.

  1. Internal shell components

     Internal housing assembly, including ball, spring, piston and stem, internal housing compartment. Specifications may vary by manufacturer.

  1. Dipping tube

    Made of polypropylene, it's a long tube that runs from the head of the lotion pump to its extreme bottom.

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