Three Fuel Spray Spray Bottles
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    • Last updated July 4, 2022
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Three Fuel Spray Spray Bottles

Posted By FeiFan FeiFan     July 4, 2022    


    Instant Trigger Sprayers: Trigger sprayers allow for greater output compared to the pump type, which will be more effective. Cover food or cooking utensils with just a light squeeze. Trigger sprayers can also be equipped with adjustable nozzles that allow for horizontal and vertical fan spray patterns, which makes them more versatile.

    The downside is that the oil passes through and may be stored in the pump cylinder which requires more maintenance. Operators also need more practice to handle them perfectly.

    Pressurized Spray Bottles: You need to size these injectors by pumping them up 10-30 times depending on the size of the bottle before spraying the oil. In other words, the pump that pressurizes the bottle is separate from the dispensing system. The benefit is that you can spray continuously after the bottle is pressurized, giving you more control to evenly cover the food or cooking surface. Because the power of the injector to spray the oil comes from the air pressure itself, this means that the oil does not need to pass through or remain in the pump cylinder. In theory, the oil in such an injector will stay fresh longer and better prevent clogging. However, the pre-compression mechanism presents challenges to the air tightness and strength properties of the bottle. Also, the bottle capacity cannot be maximized because a portion of the space must be used to build up the air pressure.

    Instant Pump Sprayer: With this type of injector, all you have to do is press the top button and the spray instantly creates a mist. Obviously, the spraying is not continuous. It is almost the same mechanism as the pump spray usually used for cosmetics such as perfumes, moisturizing toners, etc. The low output rate of 0.25-0.5cc per dose results from the short stroke of the pump. But you can't say whether it's good or bad depends on the size of the meal.

    Yuyao Feifan Commodity Factory is a lotion pump manufacturer in China, which manufactures and sells A Gun Trigger Sprayer, Cosmetic Packaging Bottles, and other household items.