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DFO Gold Advanced Products

Posted By lopyghjm lopyghjm     April 10, 2020    


we all know the Dungeon Fighter Online Gold industry is a money machine. something changed over the past decade in a big way. well, let’s be honest: a lot has changed. gaming is a completely different industry than it was in 2010. in the past ten years, the emergence of streaming and esports convinced many of the community’s financial prowess. a major indicator of the industry’s strength is free to play revenue. in free to play games, things are structured a little differently. let’s review the 2019 revenue records for the industry’s top free to play titles, as well as traditional video games, to get an understanding of what the next decade might look like in gaming.

I think it’s fair to argue first and foremost that revenue numbers for free to play games are a valid indicator of the industry’s next ten years. simply put, free to play games make an incredible amount of money. do they require constant tweaking, updates, and dedicated dev teams? yes. the great thing for a publisher, however, is the cost of keeping a staff behind the game is a drop in the bucket of cash these games bring in. in 2019, the numbers showed more strength than ever before. as late in the year as of October.

 I was writing about Fortnite profits dropping steeply for the site. I carefully noted that profits dropping slightly did not mean they were disappearing. as I wrote, “Fortnite may be slowing in sales, but guess what? it’s still bringing in millions of dollars.” it’s not just millions, though; it’s billions.in 2018, Nielsen acquired super data to work on tracking all things video games and esports. their reports gained popularity last year as people watched the battle royale race between player unknown's battleground and Fortnite.

well, in this year’s report Buy Dungeon Fighter Online Gold, the numbers don’t lie: free to play games make serious bank. not surprisingly so, games that require an upfront purchase, usually around USD 60, yield less in microtransaction revenue. still, FIFA 19 nearing $80 million is impressive considering that the game itself costs a decent amount of cash. so what’s bringing in all this cash, across premium titles and free to play revenue?