Alexa Controlled Blinds Suppliers Introduces Motor Repair Requirements

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Alexa Controlled Blinds Suppliers Introduces Motor Repair Requirements

Posted By wistar motor     May 10, 2022    


Alexa Controlled Blinds Suppliers Introduces on Tips for Motor Repair

1. The visual inspection method is the simplest method, and it is also a method that must be used in maintenance. It is the most basic means of seeing, listening, touching, and smelling through the eyes, ears, hands, nose and other intuitive senses of maintenance personnel. Check the fault phenomenon of the motor in order to find and eliminate the fault.
2. The voltage method is mainly used to measure the input voltage of the motor. For a three-phase asynchronous motor, the voltage between any two phases is generally about 380V. For a single-phase asynchronous motor, the input voltage is about 220V. If there are many, the input circuit should be checked.

3. The resistance method is one of the important methods to maintain the motor. Using the ohm gear of the multimeter, by measuring the resistance value of the motor winding, you can quickly determine whether the winding is open or short-circuited. For a three-phase asynchronous motor, the resistance values ​​of the three windings should be basically equal. For a single-phase asynchronous motor, the resistance values ​​of the main winding and the secondary winding may be phase-dependent according to different starting principles Much worse.

4. Use a multimeter to measure the motor current, and it is more accurate to analyze the internal windings of the motor according to the measured current. Because the commonly used multimeter has only "DC" block and no "AC" current block, when measuring, a resistance of several to tens of ohms can be connected in series on the power line of the fan motor (the resistance value should not be too large, so as not to affect the measurement accuracy) , then measure the voltage drop across the resistor,According to Ohm's law, the operating current of the fan motor will be found. Comparing this current to the motor rated current will reveal the problem.

5. The replacement method refers to replacing the suspected device with a good device. If the fault is eliminated, it means that the suspicion is correct, otherwise it is a mistake, and further inspection and judgment should be made. The replacement method can be used to check the quality of all the components in the motor, and the results are generally accurate, and it is rarely difficult to judge.

Through the above introduction, Radio Tubular Motor Suppliers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.