cleaning of flannel fleece blanket Suppliers

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cleaning of flannel fleece blanket Suppliers

Posted By Changshu Dongfang     May 16, 2022    


How to clean flannel fleece blanket Suppliers' flannel fleece blanket

1. When cleaning blankets, you must selectively machine wash them. As long as your blankets do not change too much during cleaning or drying, you can rest assured to wash them in the washing machine. On the contrary, if your blankets change before and after the process If it is too large, it is not suitable for washing in the washing machine. For example, pure wool blankets are not recommended for washing in the washing machine. In general, the washing card of the blanket is marked whether it can be washed with a washing machine, so you can refer to the washing card on the blanket.

2. Because flannel blankets have strong water absorption, generally dry blankets are very light, but after soaking in water, the blankets will become very heavy. At this time, if you choose to wash with a washing machine, the problem will arise. First, it increases the burden of the washing machine. Because the cleaning of the blanket requires a gentle way of washing, choosing a low-key option increases the burden because the soaked blanket becomes heavier. At the same time, the dehydration function of dehydrating the blanket is also harmful to maintenance. Therefore, the washing machine should be careful when washing blankets.

3. For the maintenance of the blanket, it is better to wash the blanket by hand. When washing the blanket by hand, put the blanket in the laundry tub, soak it in detergent for about 10 minutes, and then squeeze it gently with your hands. If there are fine stains, you can use a soft brush to wipe it gently to clean After that, you can wash it several times with clean water.

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