How to Cook the Perfect Steak!

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How to Cook the Perfect Steak!

Posted By Grace Kellar     June 2, 2022    


A delicious steak Sunday brunch can never go wrong with pork leg roast. Be it with your family or a small gathering of friends; everyone loves a perfectly cooked steak. But you need that one go-to recipe, along with a few tips and tricks to follow each time you are planning to cook the perfect steak. We will cover all those tricks for you so that it comes out the way you like every time you cook steak. And next time when you are thinking of steak, place an order online to get a fast butcher home delivery service in Brisbane.

What do you need?

You will need the following to a cook a perfect steak:

Thick cut steak: A good steak will never have a thickness exceeding 2.5cm. A cooked steak needs to be cooked properly both on the inside and the outside, and it's important not to overcook or undercook your meal! If done right, you'll have an amazing experience cooking up a beautiful, thick and juicy steak that your friends and family will rave about. If done wrong and overdone, your guests will feel sick from eating a dried-out piece of barely edible meat, which will leave them disappointed and has no place on your dinner table when entertaining.

Ideal steaks: There are two cuts of meat that distinctly make up the bone-in ribeye: a boneless rib eye and bone-in New York strip steak. A T-bone steak also consists of these two cuts but is one inch narrower than the New York strip.

Grade: Always opt for higher-quality meat. Steaks may not be eaten daily, but they should never be low quality! You can ensure that high-quality meats will always be available in your area by ordering them online at many different conditions and time lengths. Today's world has become a piece of cake to streamline such arrangements effortlessly, with particular companies often being in direct contact with farming communities to facilitate access to the freshest meats at any given moment!

Tips You Need to Follow

The below tips will be helpful for a perfect steak.

Room temperature: Whenever you plan to cook something, it's always best to set all of your ingredients out beforehand. Take the time to get everything you need in the right spots. It'll be easier for you to stay organized and ensure that your recipe is executed properly. After all, organization and discipline are vital if you plan on cooking up a delicious dish at room temperature!

Pat dry: When it comes to making delicious steak in your kitchen, you will want to pay attention to two specific qualities in the type of steak you decide to use. The first is that you'll want a type of steak that already has natural marbling (lines of fat mixed throughout the meat). This helps the meat retain its moisture during cooking. The second thing is seasoning. Meat tastes great, having had a generous sprinkling of salt and pepper applied before being cooked!

Heat the skillet: A good steak can be grilled in a skillet - but you cannot put any old pan on your stove and expect great results. To sear the most succulent and flavorful steak in your skillet, you'll want to use a very hot temperature.

Internal temperature: When grilling steak, look online for an internal temperature chart. It's important to note that the internal temperature will continue to rise when you take the steak off of the grill. So to truly get it to your desired level of doneness, you need to remove it promptly while avoiding overcooking.

Resting: Before serving, give your steak a break for 5-10 minutes to soak in all the juices, and the fibres can relax. It makes the meat very tender as you cut through it, with a moist and juicy centre. For the best butcher in Brisbane, see our website and place an order online.

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