Beginners Guide to PlayerUnknown's Battleground Scopes

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Beginners Guide to PlayerUnknown's Battleground Scopes

Posted By Jeson Clarke     June 10, 2022    


PlayerUnknown's Battleground (PUBG) has a vast collection of weapons. While close-range gear is important, the map is massive. The right scope can help you take out opponents from considerable distances while being more aware of your surroundings. Visit this website to know more about how to choose the right scope for PUBG.

Want to know how to choose the right scope for PUBG? Here's a beginner-friendly breakdown of the scopes you can use.

2X Scope

Perfect for mid-range fights, the 2X scope has the lowest zoom of all options in PUBG. It's a decent choice if you find it early, but most players will ditch the 2X for something better later on.

It's a good choice for guns with burst fire modes. For example, it's helpful with the MK47 Mutant and M16A4.

3X Scope

The 3X scope provides a nice balance between mid-range and far-range zoom. You can use it to spot distant enemies and improve your aim to take them down.

This scope works well with most guns in PUBG, but assault rifles like the M416, Scar-L, and QBZ are ideal.

4X Scope

This scope is acceptable for taking down distant enemies. However, many players have a hard time using it. It's pretty unstable and requires careful setting adjustments to operate effectively.

It's best for guns with low recoil. That includes most DMRs and the DP-28.

6X Scope

The 6X scope is one of the most coveted. It lets you switch between 3X and 6X zooms, providing great flexibility.

It works well with most guns. You can even use it with sniper weapons!

8X Scope

This scope is only available for snipers and DMRs. As you can imagine, it has a fantastic range and will help you spot faraway enemies. Thanks to the 4X and 8X toggle, it provides ample versatility.

The best weapons for the 8X scope are the M24, Kar98K, AWM, and Mosin Nagant.

Red-Dot Sight

Want to know how to choose the right scope for PUBG close-range combat? The best choice isn't a traditional scope. It's the red-dot sight.

This attachment creates a red dot in the middle of the sight, making it easier to aim for a headshot in close-quarters combat.

Holographic Sight

The holographic sight is similar to the red-dot sight and is suitable for close-range combat. However, it has an enlarged crosshair for better stability. It's a good choice for weapons that provide a high damage rate, like the S12k. You can also try it with the Beryl M762, M249, and M16A4.

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