Why Using People's Proper Pronouns Is So Important

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Why Using People's Proper Pronouns Is So Important

Posted By Jeson Clarke     June 11, 2022    


A workplace should be a friendly environment where everyone can talk and feel included. No one should have to worry about transgender issues in the workplace, but it's a conversation everyone needs to have. Not only is this important for employees to feel included and accepted so that they can feel happy about their job, but it’s important for a business too. A business cannot function properly when anyone is excluded. If you are looking for some transgender issues in the workplace, visit this website.

Gender Identity Depends on the Individual

Gender identity depends solely on the individual and no one else. While a person’s sex is determined by doctors at birth based upon physical characteristics and chromosome composition, it’s not safe to assume a person’s gender identity. Different cultures have different ideas of what makes someone female or male and what their gender role should be based upon that information. While people may have accepted that in the past, it's not okay to do that any longer.

Taking the Initiative

People may not be comfortable letting others know what their pronouns are. In this case, people can respectfully ask and use those pronouns from that moment on. Using a person’s correct pronouns is about respect and inclusion. It’s not safe to assume that people go by binary pronouns either because everyone is somewhere on the spectrum. You can’t tell a person’s gender identity based upon their appearance either, and a person’s gender identity can change over time.

Meet With Like-Minded People

Everyone needs a place where they feel accepted, whether that's at work, at home, at the grocery store, or wherever they go. Whether you want to discuss transgender issues in the workplace, speak in another language, or meet up for an event, Revel has something for everyone. Head over to Revel to take part in virtual or in-person events.

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