China Bed Elevator Supplier Introduces Elevator Installation Knowledge

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China Bed Elevator Supplier Introduces Elevator Installation Knowledge

Posted By huzhou fuji     June 14, 2022    


China Home Elevator has a car and a counterweight, which are connected by wire ropes. The wire ropes are driven by the traction of the driving device (traction machine) so that the elevator car and the counterweight move up and down on the guide rails in the elevator.

The two ends of the traction rope are connected to the car and the counterweight respectively and are wound on the traction sheave and the guide wheel. The traction motor drives the traction sheave to rotate after the speed change of the reducer. to realize the lifting movement of the car and the counterweight to achieve the purpose of transportation. The guide shoe fixed on the car can move up and down along the fixed guide rail installed on the wall of the building shaft to prevent the car from skewing or swinging during operation.

The normally closed block brake releases the brake when the motor is working to make the elevator run, brakes in the case of power failure, stops the lift of the car and maintains its static state on the designated floor for people and goods to enter and exit. The car is a box part that carries passengers or other loads, and the counterweight is used to balance the car load and reduce the power of the motor. The compensation device is used to compensate for the tension and weight changes in the movement of the hoisting rope so that the load of the hoisting motor is stable and the car can be parked accurately. The electrical system realizes the control of the elevator movement, and at the same time completes the floor selection, leveling, speed measurement, and lighting work. Instruct the call system to display the car's moving direction and floor location at any time. Safety devices ensure the safe operation of the elevator.

Through the above introduction, Bed Elevator Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.