I stopped buying any sports game
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I stopped buying any sports game

Posted By MMOexp sitefans     May 3, 2020    


Someone (2k sports) has to create an"open source" soccer game engine, where people can personalize everything in Madden and share rosters, trademarks, players, stadiums, etc.And the NFL would Sue, like the way City of Heroes got sued Mut 20 coins as you may use the character creator to make someone's IP.Which soccer match allows you to fully customize and discuss logos, players, and stadiums since the EA has had exclusive rights? All Pro 2K8 and backbreaker had pretty robust customization options and enabled downloading rosters/logos. Both marketed like garbage. Unless it's got the NFL Shield directly on the box, people don't care.

Backbreaker wasn't a good game complete... (even if it had NFL licensing).All Guru 2K8 lacked some features that many anticipated from 2K5 and therefore was not a excellent game overall. However is a community which shares and still makes roster updates. Before anyone will take care of the customizability A fantastic match has to be made first. Madden is a brand with lots of momentum, but I don't think that it's indestructible given so many people have hated Madden over the years because their exclusivity. A game should get the Shield on it until the market that plays soccer matches cares about it. There were lots of football franchises in 1990s and early 2000s, there's a reason just the individuals who secured licensing survived.

Those were BAD matches. No business would also invest without the Shield today in a game. That's why I am saying this needs to be a open source project that is long-term. Take a look at unlicensed Baseball Stars and Techmo Bowl. These were two of the most popular sports games from the 80's while they needed to go up against"RBI" and"NFL" that were both accredited and horrible.

Tecmo Bowl was licensed, it was the first console game ever to feature NFL players due to a contract with the NFLPA. And you are talking about a third of a century ago when the gaming market expectations far lower and was different. A football game existing in a halfway interesting way was novel and exciting unto itself regardless if the 8 pixel high players had discernible uniforms. Football games are no longer book 30 decades later, there's a lot of expected features as a baseline, and being"official" is a huge one.

You're not likely to hurt anyone's feelings by describing the company that EA is. The only reason people purchase new ones would be for gamers and upgrades rosters. The NFL and EA are equally companies in order that they work together. I dont mistake anyone for enjoying with anything that they find fun. I just think Madden graphically and animation wise looks really bad and I expected a lot more from something as straightforward as a fundamental sports match.

I stopped buying any sports game from EA all together a couple years ago. They won't ever fix the glitches and bugs that plague each match. All they care for is being able to buy in-game items/stat bonuses with real cash, and lock them behind huge time-dumps if you attempt to unlock them naturally. It's a cash cow for them. Here's your answer. This really is all they care about. I'm just saying that's their mindset.

It's amusing to read all the remarks from folks in here that legit believe they know what's wrong with this franchise. It's not the ultimate group mode. Face of the franchise is not making them anything past the casual fans who bought it because. The issue is Madden play. They can not sell proper zone coverage, or great o-line perform, or situational coverage alterations which really function as intended to buy Madden 20 coins, so that they do not create these (much needed) improvements. They add no look passes, x-factor, and the pro bowl, instead of adjusting their match. Because they rely upon casual soccer fans who pick it up to play with their friends, and the hardcore audience that spends money to possess the highest ranked group in any way times in MUT.

And anybody who thinks that 2k would create a better match could be right as far as gameplay goes. Also, you would have to figure that any moment good content is released, the servers will make any online mode entirely unplayable. I have played MUT for two decades, every. Single. Day. But I did not buy M20, and that I won't purchase another madden for more than $10 unless Madden play gets major fixes implemented.