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Posted By cixi xsd     June 20, 2022    


Rolling Cooler Cart is one of our products.Here I will introduce to you how to maintain the refrigeration system during operation.

  Ice cellars in northern China are the primary stage of cold storage. According to legend, the Beihai Ice Cellar in Beijing was built in the Ming Dynasty and has been in use for four or five hundred years. In the middle of the 19th century, the world's first mechanical refrigeration device came out, and the use of artificial refrigeration equipment to control low temperature was successful. Since then, cold storage buildings have developed rapidly in many countries, and all aspects of agricultural and livestock products from harvesting, processing to commodity sales have been refrigerated. The construction of modern cold storage in China began in the early 20th century. Large and medium-sized cities already have a considerable number of cold storages, and their capacity is increasing. In addition, due to the development of air-conditioned storage technology, air-conditioned cold storage has also appeared. A decompression cold storage that can create a low-pressure, high-humidity environment is also being researched and designed.

  1. Complete cold chain logistics system

  my country's complete and independent cold chain system has not yet been formed, and the degree of marketization is very low. Refrigeration and refrigeration enterprises can be transformed into distribution centers of chain supermarkets, forming a joint operation model of refrigeration and refrigeration enterprises, supermarkets and chain operating enterprises. Establish a food refrigeration supply chain, and purchase, process, store, transport, and sell perishable and fresh food from the place of origin to consumers in a standard low-temperature environment to ensure the quality of food and reduce unnecessary to prevent food spoilage and contamination.

  2. Scale of cold storage construction Fruit and vegetable production areas should focus on building air-conditioned cold storage, and the scale should be a combination of large, medium and small, and it is appropriate to develop medium-sized ones. The construction of mechanical air-conditioned warehouses should promote prefabricated production, on-site assembly mode cold storage engineering industrial products, and fruit and vegetable production areas are suitable for single-layer cold storage and small and medium-sized cold storage; promote plastic films, greenhouses, large tents, silicon windows, and plastic film as soon as possible. Packaging and other air-conditioning facilities are the focus of my country's development. In economically developed cities, develop medium-sized cold storages and establish wholesale markets for frozen food storage. Shanghai Cold Storage Installation Company proposes to open small and medium-sized cold storage to the society and provide paid warehouse services, information services, and operational logistics services.

  3. Development of refrigeration equipment for cold storage

  The refrigeration equipment industry should focus on the development of advanced and general-purpose automatic units below 60 HP in the international market that are split or integrated and equipped with electronic technology, and widely apply computers and automation technology to the automatic control of the entire refrigeration system. The refrigeration and refrigeration industry is upgraded to extend the industrial chain and reduce the project cost.

Metal Cooler Cart is also one of our products, welcome to visit our website!