Fiber Connector and Adapter Relationship

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Fiber Connector and Adapter Relationship

Posted By fiberclosure top     October 23, 2018    


In optical cabling systems, when there are fiber optic cables, there are connections. Fiber optical connector and adapters are the key parts to satisfy these complex fiber connections.

Generally speaking, fiber optical connector enables quicker connection and disconnection than fiber splicing. They are generally used to terminate the end of an optical fiber, such as fiber optic patch cables or pigtails. But the common fiber optic patch cables and fiber optic pigtails in the market are belong to pre-assembly. Users can also get such cables by assembling fiber optical connectors and fiber cables.

Nowadays, about 100 fiber optical connectors have been introduced to the market.Green Telecom owns Fiber Optical Connector, Fiber Optic Splice Closure Fiber optic equipment. And according to the different structures, they can be divided into various types like ST, FC, SC, LC, MT-RJ, MPO/MTP, MU, DIN, SMA etc. In addition, according to the polishing type of the ferrule, fiber optical connectors can be usually divided into PC, UPC and APC types.

In order to satisfy the connections of connectors, fiber adapters are introduced. Named depending on the connectors, fiber adapters are with the similar names with connectors, but have two sides. For example, when there is a LC connector and a SC connector, we called the adapter as LC to SC fiber adapter. But when there are two same connectors, it can also be called as coupler, such as LC to LC coupler.

Fiber optical connectors are usually found in the end of cables in different applications. ST, FC, SC, LC connectors are the most widely used types in today’s common cabling system.

The applications of fiber adapters are depending on fiber optical connectors. Thus, compared to fiber optical connectors, adapters seem more quiet. Nonetheless, in order to satisfy the fiber optical connectors, they are also ubiquitous. The typical case is the fiber adapter panel. Fiber adapter panel is used for patching fiber cable to the enclosures, such as fiber wall cabinets, rack mount fiber cabinets or rack mount fiber shelf. It enables you to make quick and easy fiber patch panel connections as they can snap into the fiber optic enclosures easily. Additionally, fiber optic adapters are also can be found in fiber optic wall plates. This product is applied in FTTH (Fiber to the Home) access, telecommunication, CATV, data communication networks, etc., which is designed to bring fiber to the desk and widely used in multi-floor and high building.

Fiber optical connectors and adapters are small, but crucial hardware in optical cabling systems. A high-quality connector and adapter can usually support low insertion loss and high return loss. This is why we suggest to buy high-quality products. In addition, connectors and adapters are also required to maintain. Processes, such as fiber optic cleaning and fiber optic inspection are necessary to keep them work with high performance.

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