Properly select the rotating speed of the air compressor

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Properly select the rotating speed of the air compressor

Posted By luxi tools     May 11, 2020    


Air valve is a very important part in air compressor, and it is also a vulnerable part. So how do we maintain the air compressor and improve the service life of the air valve?

1. Properly select the rotating speed of the machine.

2. Reasonable selection of valve plate materials, advanced processing technology and heat treatment methods.

3. According to the structure of the air compressor, adopt an appropriate air valve structure and select an appropriate spring force.

4. Pay attention to timely solve the factors that affect the operation of the air valve during use, such as paying attention to the cleaning of the air, preventing a large amount of lubricating oil from entering the air valve, preventing a large amount of water in the energy-saving air compressor from staying in the air valve, and taking appropriate measures to reduce the air flow fluctuation in the pipeline.

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