Introduction of Freezers of Top Open Door Chest Suppliers

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Introduction of Freezers of Top Open Door Chest Suppliers

Posted By bai ling     July 5, 2022    


Upright Freezers vs Freezers from Top Open Door Chest Suppliers: How They Differ
To help guide your purchase, we'll take a moment to cover the pros and cons of upright versus horizontal freezers.

Starting with the jump, it's not hard to distinguish between the two refrigerator types. As the name suggests, upright refrigerators stand vertically, with front doors and internal shelves for storing food—much like a full-size refrigerator.

In contrast, coolers are usually located lower off the ground, and store more food along the width of the unit rather than the height. Additionally, the freezer has a lift door and baskets (not shelves) for storing food.

energy efficiency
As mentioned in our list of pros and cons, there is no ambiguity in the energy efficiency of upright versus cabinet freezers: cabinet freezers consume less energy than upright freezers, giving the planet (and your wallet) some ease. This is mainly due to the airtight seal on the top of the freezer to keep the food inside fresh. Ultimately, an airtight lock seal means less energy is required to keep the container cool.

Compared to upright freezers, upright freezers are more likely to have tiny gaps around vertical door frames, which results in more energy being used to keep food frozen.

In terms of storage capacity, both types of freezers are usually capped at 25 cubic feet; however, there are more freezers on the market with 25 cubic feet than larger upright freezers, so it can be said that the freezer has more storage space .

Not only that, but chest freezers are also capable of holding wider, odder-shaped items than upright refrigerators. According to Consumer Reports, chest freezers have about 20% more usable space than upright freezers.

For cabinet freezers, you also need to consider the headroom above the unit to raise the top. Likewise, the door of an upright freezer must have enough space to open smoothly.

Overall, your freestanding freezer needs a power plug nearby and an inch of ventilation space behind the unit to accommodate airflow and prevent issues like coil freezing. Widths also need to be added in inches for similar reasons, so be sure to consider these minimum gaps when making, checking, and double-checking your measurements.

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