For some young people, World of Warcraft represents their youth
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For some young people, World of Warcraft represents their youth

Posted By Helodie Jaqucline     May 15, 2020    


In order to protect the privacy of the protagonist of the story, let us call him Drew. Adult life is not easy, so Drew has many addictions, he is obsessed with cigarettes, alcohol and junk food. But none of these addictions had such a profound impact on his life as World of Warcraft. In order to change this situation, Drew managed to control his addiction to cigarettes and alcohol, but World of Warcraft still had a fatal appeal to him. Although he lost many jobs for this, and his health is getting worse, even his friends are gradually alienating him. But giving up World of Warcraft is more like an impossible task for him, especially the release of World of Warcraft Classic, so that he can truly return to adolescence in the game.

Although World of Warcraft was officially released in 2004, Blizzard first announced that information about World of Warcraft games was in 2001. At that time Drew was still a high school student and he was immediately attracted by the game information on the official website. To avoid the game from affecting his life, Drew's parents restricted his playing time through various methods. But Drew can always eliminate these restrictions in a more ingenious way, and lying is one of the most commonly used WOW Classic Gold For Sale methods. In order to allow the computer to be connected to the Internet at any time, Drew even hung a network cable in the basement.

World of Warcraft acquired the identical time Drew visited college, an instant within the lives of plenty of young adults where, for the primary time, they're granted extraordinary freedom. At first, World of Warcraft was like anything, a hobby to fill the time. It sat alongside his decent grades and a lively social life. But the summer of 2005 is when it started going downhill.

Drew decided he wanted to realize the rare "High Warlord PVP" title, a part of World of Warcraft's in-game achievements. They're ultimately meaningless digital trophies, having zero impact on the moment-to-moment of playing the sport, but a part of the appeal of shared online experiences is being finding ways to square out, whether cosmetically or with a trophy.

"Have you ever seen those game shows where everyone must put their hand on a car, and therefore the last person to get rid of it wins the car?" he said. "Or a bunch of individuals need to stay a roller coaster, and therefore the one who stays on longest wins $10,000? Those aren't really contests of skill, but will—a contest of endurance. Whoever has the foremost free time wins."

Eventually, he fulfilled his biggest dream in the game, but his situation in real life became more and more difficult.

At the player's request, Blizzard finally decided to provide the official version of World of Warcraft Classic, called World of Warcraft Classic. The purpose of the game is to allow players to find nostalgia in the original version of World of Warcraft. When players enter the game, they will feel that they have returned to 15 years ago, because this version of World of Warcraft completely copied its time in 2004. The way it works. For Drew, this news means that it is more difficult for him to get rid of his fascination with World of Warcraft. Soon, he began to discuss World of Warcraft Classic with more and more people on social media. In fact, the launch of WoW Classic has dramatically increased World of Warcraft subscriptions by 200%. The good news is that MMOWTS is providing third-party services for all gamers. When you are missing Cheap WOW Classic Gold in the game, you can visit the official website of MMOWTS for help. They have the cheapest price and the most professional service.