Should I Put an Inground Pool in My Backyard?

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Should I Put an Inground Pool in My Backyard?

Posted By Jeson Clarke     July 8, 2022    


There’s nothing quite like relaxing in a pool on a hot summer’s day. On top of being a refreshing way to spend an afternoon, swimming is also a great workout that can tone and strengthen your entire body.

Although having an inground pool in your backyard sounds like it would be great, there are some things to consider before you hire a pool company to start digging. If you’re wondering whether you should put an inground pool in your backyard, check out the following:

Maintenance and Supplies

By far, the biggest challenge to having a pool is maintaining it. Inground pools require a lot of maintenance all year long to stay clean and in good working order. On top of that, you’re going to need to have pool supplies available to treat your water and keep your filters clean.

As to this latter point, many retailers offer same day delivery for pool supplies, so you may not have to worry as much about keeping a huge inventory of supplies on hand. Even if you’re in an area that has access to same day delivery for pool supplies, you still have to make sure you order your supplies in a timely manner.

You’re also going to want to think about your schedule and your ability to properly maintain your pool. Even during the offseason, you will need to routinely check pumps, clean off covers and inspect water lines for leaks and cracks. Visit this website if you need same day delivery for pool supplies.

Liability Concerns

Another consideration in deciding to install an inground pool is whether or not you can face liability issues in your area. Many neighborhoods, cities, and towns have laws that require homeowners with pools on their properties to also install fencing to protect children who may wander near the pool and fall in.

Also, you’ll want to check with your insurance provider to see if you need special liability coverage for slips and falls that can occur on wet surfaces surrounding your pool. Your homeowner’s policy alone may not cover certain claims on pool-related injuries, so update your provider about your plans before you get your installation started.

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