How to Land a Sale When You're In Another Country

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How to Land a Sale When You're In Another Country

Posted By Emily Clarke     Jul 14    


The Internet has opened up a world of possibilities for sales professionals, and many companies now position their sales teams to act remotely. Through the Internet, sales professionals can connect with clients in real-time, allowing for greater opportunities and more exposure.

However, to land a sale when you’re in another country there are some tools and tricks you need on your side. Below are some tips for sales professionals who are working remotely and need to connect internationally to close a deal:

Use the Right Virtual Selling Tools

Virtual selling tools allow sales professionals to do everything from connecting with clients to tracking sales and commissions. The best virtual selling tools also offer customizable user interfaces and centralized sales accounts where sales professionals can track and organize all of their data in one place.

The best virtual selling tools also provide the ability to interface with clients through the tools themselves. This creates an all-in-one experience that is efficient and effective for the company, the sales professional, and the client. Find the best virtual selling tools by visiting this website.

Understand Customs and Traditions

If you’re trying to close a deal with someone who is located in another country, it’s important to understand the customs and traditions of the lead’s native region. This has been a challenge for sales professionals since the dawn of overseas trade, but it is even more important these days due to the ability to immediately connect through the Internet.

Because of this immediacy, you may not have time to plan out a presentation that accounts for native cultural norms and accepted business traditions. As such, planning now by researching the customs of the areas you’ll be focusing on can go a long way in avoiding embarrassing mistakes.

Plan Virtual Meetings Accordingly

In keeping with the above, consider the time zone difference, if any, when planning meetings. No one wants to have a meeting at the very end of a work day. What might be the start of the morning for you could be someone else’s wind-down time. This can’t be avoided all the time due to the global economy, but if you can help it, try to look for a considerate window of time that works for the client and you.

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