Crane Operator Training- A critical analysis

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Crane Operator Training- A critical analysis

Posted By Load Mate     July 15, 2022    


If you own lifting equipment or an overhead crane, crane operator training is imperative. Or else it may trigger some unwanted accidents. You have to make sure that all your crane operators meet the training requirements. They must have all the documents that signify their proper training. Besides, being an owner, it must be your responsibility to train the crane operators. For that, you must assign an eligible trainer. They are the best person to train your employees.

If your employees are improperly trained or inexperienced, some devastating incidents may happen. The consequences can be:
  • Fatal injuries may happen to your employees.
  • It can create a stir in your budget or your project schedule.
  • It may damage your property or the load.
Therefore, you have to take the initiative to increase awareness amongst the employers about your responsibility. It will help you train your employees and assign them as designated, qualified, and competent people who can precisely control the crane.
The best thing that you can do is to give specific training to your employees. It will make your employees perceive their safety as well as others’ safety in their job site. If you can provide a specific type of certification or training, it will enhance the efficiency of your workforce. It will also play a pivotal role in ensuring safety at our job site.
However, there is one thing that receiving training from a reputed organization is not going to ensure a person’s skill. There is a possibility that he or she is not competent enough to pull off the task every day. So, again it is your responsibility to find out the training that makes an employee skilled and experienced. To be precise, the employee must be able to operate the crane regularly.
Requirements of ASME and OSHA
In the case of lifting applications, both ASME and OSHA come with some set of requirements. You have to meet all those requirements. It will make sure of the safety at the job site. It involves installation, construction, operation, maintenance, an inspection of the gantry cranes.
If you look at the language of ASME and OSHA, you will find numerous designations based on the employees’ capabilities. Also, being the employer, you have to authorize the assignment according to the capabilities of your employees. Here is the list of designations that we are talking about.
  • Competent person: You can consider a person competent if he or she has both pieces of training and experience. Besides, the person should have profound knowledge of the applicable standards. If the employee can identify the potential hazards of a specific operation, he or she will have the authority to correct those hazards.
  • Designated person: Being an employer, if you hire an employee, that person will be the designated person. Before hiring, you have to ensure the fact that he/she qualifies for that specific job. Also, the designated person should be able to provide consistent performance.
  • Qualified person: If a person possesses a recognized degree, professional standing, or certificate, you can consider the person qualified. Plus, he or she must have extensive knowledge, experience, and training. The employee should be capable of demonstrating the potential of solving problems on a definite subject matter.
However, OSHA doesn’t comprise any specific certification or training requirements for eot crane manufacturer in India. So, take a note from the ASME’s language, which will help you to understand.
Responsibility of the owners or management to comprehend the efficiency of the employees
The owner or the management has an imperative responsibility to perceive the competence of the employees. Without judging their capability, it will be hard for you to authorize employees to use the crane equipment. It is a mandatory action that the management or employees have to take care of. So, here are the responsibilities that we are talking about.
  • You have to find out the person capable of rigging the loads, running the crane, and various other things. All these things are essential in the over-lifting applications on your job site or your facility.
  • Submit some paper works that signifies that your employees have proper training. Moreover, they must have the authorization to operate the overhead crane equipment.
  • Make sure that your crane operators have precise training along with experience.
  • There should be no issues regarding the mental and physical stability of the crane operators. Or else it may trigger some unwanted accidents.
You have to take care of all these responsibilities if you own the company. It will ensure the safety of the facility or the job site.
So, here are all the things that you have to know. It would help if you did not compromise with training as it is essential for the site’s and employees’ safety. Meet all the requirements, which will enhance your company’s reliability and will avoid witnessing any unwanted accidents. You have to take all the responsibilities if you find out that your employees are not adequately trained.
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