Technical Competition Analysis of Enameled Copper Wire in China

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Technical Competition Analysis of Enameled Copper Wire in China

Posted By xiu weetime     May 21, 2020    


1. Technical Competition Analysis

The production technology of Enameled Copper Wire industry in China has developed to a certain extent, mainly concentrated in those large-scale enterprises, which have abundant funds and strong strength, can invest a great deal of energy in technological research and development and can develop advanced production technology. And the application of these technologies makes the products of enterprises in the market competition in an advantage. On the contrary, small enterprises are backward in production technology and adopt traditional production technology. The quality of the products they produce is not stable and they cannot gain the approval of consumers. The business situation of enterprises will not be very good. The strength of the enterprise is poor. Without sufficient capital and energy to invest in technological research and development, the enterprise's technology will not progress. In this way, a vicious circle is formed and it is difficult for enterprises to develop.

2. Cost Competition Analysis

In recent years, with the continuous development of China's Enameled copper wire industry, the degree of fierce competition in the industry has intensified. Along with the price competition, it has become increasingly fierce. Therefore, it is increasingly important for enterprises in the industry to reduce production costs and improve profit margins. Major enterprises are paying more attention to improving production technology and scientific production to reduce production costs. Through scientific management and other means, distance to improve transportation and sales cost control.

3. Price Competition Analysis

The price competition of Enameled copper wire products in China is very fierce, but most of the price competition is concentrated in the products of small and medium-sized enterprises. The brand effect of these enterprises is poor. In order to gain more market share, they can only rely on lower prices to win market share. However, price competition is not conducive to the development of enterprises. With lower prices and lower profitability, it is difficult for enterprises to achieve long-term and stable development. However, large enterprises have good brand effect, higher prices, guaranteed product quality and are easier to gain market approval. Therefore, small and medium-sized enterprises should strive to develop production technology, improve product quality and win the market with products.

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