\"Normal\" people simply spend that extra time
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"Normal" people simply spend that extra time

Posted By MMOexp sitefans     May 22, 2020    


My frustration with Zulrah it it's rather simple to get stacked with"I am on the mage phase but JK here is three ranged attacks in a row" even if OSRS gold you are doing everything right. There's a pretty major cushion for you to comprehend Vork's one strike attack so long as you default to maintaining your cursor hovering 2 spaces away and your left hand across the ctrl key during the primary phase.

It really isn't something foolish if this is your pass time and you are a young adult without a family. Like shit so many abilities need you to perform literally nothing for minutes at a time where you may do other things or you take your 5 minute afk timer whilst going to cook your meals repeatedly. 4 hours every day on average. Stop it that's life folks that are incredibly no need to quit normalIzing some folks are to RuneScape. Daily for x number of years you're spending 1/6 of your entire day, 1/4 of your waking hours playing a video game. That's not healthy.

How many folks browse reddit, watch TV or Netflix, or are on social media for 4 hours every day normally? I believe that it's probably 90% or more. Why is it only"no life" if you play RS with that time rather? I feel as the newish shit and Screen Time Usage notifications would show folks. Adding me, but is it wasted time if it is my time? Who the fuck is someone to tell you to dictate your'free'. Someone will brag about binging a 10 hour long season of a show and people will not care.

You say you played Cod with the bro's for two hours and people roll their eyes. The facebook scrolling and twitter individuals. If you're on Reddit you can not complain about free moment. I am just venting and 5 people will see this. I mean I know exactly what you mean and where you're coming from. I'd like to play + hours a day until I had to discontinue and got to school. After I stopped I recognized normal men and women play games for about two hours per day if that. So yeah 4is a lot even though it does not feel like it.

"Normal" people simply spend that extra time doing something online like viewing Netflix or browsing Reddit/Facebook. 4 hours of screen time a day is not far. Do you feel this guy only does this for screen time--which otherwise he is exercising and socializing and functioning? That is the assumption you are making. That's bananas. And you're assuming he doesn't? Neither of us know anything about the guy, so speculating about everything he does or does not do would be pointless.

However, the point still stands that it is totally possible to invest 4 hours of your day online (playing RS or other things ) and also have a life because that is what most people do already. All I was trying to say is that in case you spend hours a night binging displays or browsing insta/Facebook, nobody bats an eye or requires you a no life enthusiast. But spend that time playing a match, and people come out in full force.

I'm extrapolating. You're suggesting we have the data for his screen use. Your point about the various ways we view various sorts of screen time dismisses the various variables of that screen time (I have never been able to play cheap RuneScape gold with my entire family, for instance, but I could happily sit down to a movie and hang out and talk with household during it). But even though it was legitimate, it would be different from this particular case. I am not implying we have full data; I'm saying that from what we can see, nothing he is doing is unhealthy. Guessing that he does more is totally irrelevant, and that extra time is your unhealthy part, even when he does.

I don't know the point you're attempting to create. I've spent a vast majority of those hours I have chatting with my buddies. I've played RS in my telephone while in the gym or while cooking dinner. There's no reason you can't socialize or workout or do otherwise life-productive things while playing RuneScape either. And I think that it's totally irrelevant also. When people say they binged a new series or else they spent a couple of hours on instagram last night, they were not doing this with their family or hanging out with anyone else.