Co-founder of Grinding Gear says crunch does not solve long-term problems
    • Last updated May 22, 2020
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Co-founder of Grinding Gear says crunch does not solve long-term problems

Posted By Helodie Jaqucline     May 22, 2020    


Recently, the players of Path of Exile seemed to lack enough heart. After Path of Exile released new extensions, they found many problems in the new Challenge League, some of which even seriously affected the player's gaming experience. To this end, these players feedback their opinions in the community, hoping that the development team dedicated to the POE project in Grinding Gear Games will extend their working hours to solve these negative problems faster.

But Chris Wilson, co-founder of Grinding Gear Games, disagrees. He posted in the official community of Path of Exile that although the crunch seems to solve the problems we can see, the company will not improve the game in this way. Instead, they are more concerned about the future of developers and games, because a positive and healthy working state can make the project better.

In a post on Reddit, Grinding Gear's Chris Wilson explained the problems the corporate has encountered around Path of Exile's Synthesis league, which launched in March this year. The league is, he said, "not up to the standard standards that Path of Exile players should expect from us."

The extra work required to enhance Synthesis has clashed with progress in other important areas, including Path of Exile's launch in Korea, the ExileCon community event later this year, the game's imminent 3.7.0 update, and a way larger 4.0.0 update that Wilson said, "is critical because the following generation of Action RPGs is coming and that we need to be ready."

Grinding Gear's problems relate to balancing the long-term stability of the game against the immediate needs and demands of its fans - and doing the previous must occasionally be at the expense of the latter, Wilson suggested, to the eventual advantage of everyone.

The only way of addressing each one of the community's issues quickly would be to figure longer hours, Wilson said, and that is an option he's unwilling to explore. Some of these problems are related to POE Currency, but in addition to feedback in the community, you can also solve the problem through other methods, such as visiting the official website of MMOAH and entering the Path of Exile page. There, you can directly buy cheap and safe POE Currency, not only that, you can also find any POE Items or POE Orbs you need. You only need to pay a small amount of money and wait for a while, and you can get the POE Currency you need directly in the game.

Chris said that the entire gaming industry had recently faced similar problems, and they have to maintain tight working conditions to resolve emergency errors. Some studio employees need to work 14 hours a day to complete the game's patches and updates. At present, some players in the POE community require them to do the same when replying to posts or feedback related to the updated patch.

But Chris refused to Buy POE Items run the company in this way to avoid affecting the normal lives of developers. Although in the development process of the past few years, overtime options will appear during each new expansion release. But in most cases, the members of the studio can maintain a balance between work and life, thereby providing players with better game content with a better attitude. In the long run, this is very good for keeping the health of the developers and the smooth running of the game, although this will cause some problems to take more time to be resolved.