You May Encounter Problems with OEM Aluminum Enclosure

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You May Encounter Problems with OEM Aluminum Enclosure

Posted By wei long     May 27, 2020    



1. Trim and change the mould of OEM Aluminum Enclosure, trim and change the pouring system, strengthen the internal pouring port, and add overflow tank and exhaust gas tank.

2, cleaning the parting surface, cleaning the cavity and cleaning the top lever; Changing coating materials and improving spraying technology; Strengthen the clamping capacity and the weight of the cast metal. These are some die casting methods for OEM aluminum enclosure that can be implemented by simple manipulation.

3. Change the principle, select high-quality aluminum alloy ingot materials, improve the ratio between the new principle and the furnace returning principle, and improve the smelting treatment skills.

4. Adjust the processing technology parameters, injection capacity, injection speed, mold filling time, mold opening time, pouring temperature, mold temperature, etc.

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