Let The Quality Of Zinc Die Casting Be Controlled

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Let The Quality Of Zinc Die Casting Be Controlled

Posted By wei long     June 10, 2020    



This article is mainly for users to popularize what Zinc Die Casting are. If you are still unfamiliar with zinc die castings, you may as well read this article. I believe you will understand what zinc die castings are after reading it.

What exactly is zinc die casting? Firstly, its material is zinc, and then die casting is carried out under high pressure. However, its chemical stability is poor, and it is easy to oxidize, discolor and corrode in the air. Therefore, when we do zinc alloy die casting, we must electroplate or paint the surface state of the die casting to control its quality.

When designing the geometric shape of zinc die castings, structures such as deep recesses of blind holes should be avoided as much as possible. Therefore, it is required to set aside drainage process holes that are convenient for the flow of solution gas in the parts that do not affect the appearance and use. In this way, not only can plating be carried out well, but also the degree of contamination of plating solution is reduced. The surface of zinc die castings is dense.

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