The center of the church lies the Cathedral of OSRS

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The center of the church lies the Cathedral of OSRS

Posted By lowes emily     July 26, 2022    


A brand new skilling area Het's Oasis in OSRS gold

Long story short some Vampyre scientists were told by the imperial government to study on a fungus to make it into an arsenal of biotechnology. It got out, made the world a mess, and the idea was to be abandoned. Scientists, however, not quick to abandon their work, they continued study it in the dark until the project was nearly unbeatable. At which point it got back, and re-entered the city, killing hundreds, and eventually got to the point where Zaros was forced to take drastic measures and bury the entire area underground. The city was destroyed and this part of the city preserved.

It's enormous, it's place of a quest the dungeon of the elder god wars and a mini excavation site for archaeology. It's broken down into five important zones.

The center of the church lies the Cathedral of Azzanadra where the elder god eggs are held. It's a huge church that is surrounded by an infirmary that has grown in size as battle progressed. It has grown to the point where the inside of the church is full of wounded. It also houses an unfinished chamber in the shadow realm. However, everything that was important to it has been removed leaving just an echo.

The left-hand portion of the district contains the headquarters of the inquisitor as well as an infernal armory, blood banks, a market, an apartment complex, and an arena. The first group of them is used to be used for quests. The market and its surrounding areas of the residential area are swarming with dragonkin weapons under the supervision of Jas. The coliseum plays host to the battle for Jas's General.

The north part is a lengthy bridge to a residential area you cannot really enter because the majority of it is covered beneath frozen snow from the Glacors. In the end, there are the aqueducts, frozen and over one is the place the place where you have to fight an arch-galcor.

The left part is a graveyard that was which was taken over by the aforementioned Fungus monster, which was revived by the old people. There are a lot of corpses that have been taken over by the fungus that you can fight by skill. In the deeper part of the cave is an area for heroes where you fight the fungus beast Croesus to put it into an indefinite sleep by skilling rather than combat.

South is a small residential zone that was once be a town square type area. It was due to the huge crater that is in the middle, due to the Tzekhaar Forces breaking out. If you descend into the crater, you are released in the Sentistenn sewers which are lit with lava, not water. In the deeper parts, you'll see Zuk on a makeshift throne supervising an arena that functions as the 3rd tier of TzHaar's fight cave. (Think inferno , but more difficult).

The site of the dig is scattered over the market, coliseum, cathedral, inquisitor RS gold and the smaller residential area in the south. It's a vast area that has was constantly changing, but here's a look at just one side of the district for the quest, before the war takes place, and the smaller portion in the southern part. If you search the elder god wars dungeon on art station , you are likely to locate the other dungeons.