The Compatibility Of Paint Film Of Enameled Copper Wire

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The Compatibility Of Paint Film Of Enameled Copper Wire

Posted By xiu weetime     June 4, 2020    


Enameled Copper Wire have requirements on chemical properties. After the enameled copper wires are wound into coils, they generally undergo an impregnation process. Solvents in the impregnating varnish have different degrees of swelling on the paint film, especially at higher temperatures. During the use of the impregnated winding, the paint film may be thermally cracked due to heat, so the compatibility of the paint film of the impregnated paint and the enameled copper wire has a great impact on the service life of motors, electrical appliances and meters.

During use, the winding may contact with various surrounding media, such as refrigerant in refrigeration unit and various chemical gases in a chemical plant. These media have different corrosion effects on the paint film.

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