Types of Commercial 3 for Science Labs

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Types of Commercial 3 for Science Labs

Posted By Adam Alford     June 8, 2020    


A science lab is the center of research and discoveries, so it obviously needs a sophisticated work environment with all pieces of industrial furniture to enhance the efficiency of researchers. Apart from lab work tables, a modern laboratory also needs commercial cabinets. According to the application, various types of cabinets are used in laboratories.

Based on functionality, there are five types of commercial cabinets, such as:

Standard Steel Lab Cabinets

When it comes to security, no other metal is better than the strong and durable steel. These cabinets not only last for an extremely long time, but they can also be saved from rust by applying a corrosion-resistant technology. You can find customizable part-steel lab cabinets in various styles and designs online.

Flame Resistant Lab cabinets

These cabinets are made from 16-gauge steel and they are very different from other highly sought after commercial cabinets. These are the best solutions if you want your items protected from fire. Flame resistant lab cabinets also include other protective features like self-closing doors. So, even if you are not present, the sensitive bio-samples are safe in this cabinet.

Chemical Resistant lab Cabinets

Most scientific research involves testing with various harsh chemicals that can damage your cabinet if spilled accidentally. To prevent this from happening, you need cabinets made of a reinforced steel structure with chemical-resistant interior linings. Not only can you store and protect your chemicals, but you can also store other potentially harmful substances in these cabinets.

Flow Hood Lab Cabinets

For the sake of both the researchers & technicians, and the bio-samples used in the lab, it is important that the lab has and maintains a clean and sterile environment. To do this efficiently and effectively  requires a flow hood cabinet (or 2) to be set up in the laboratory. Apart from workstations, you can and you should install flow hoods to your lab cabinets as well. By doing this, you will be able to prevent pollution by eliminating dirt, dust, and particles from the cabinet system.

Biological Safety Lab Cabinets

These cabinets are similar to flow hood cabinets. However, biological safety cabinets also known as chemical fume hoods, provide an extra layer of protection to the overall lab environment. Ensuring safety for lab workers, technicians, and maintenance teams, while working and cleaning in the laboratory. If you need to store harmful or infectious materials, then these are the perfect solution for those.

According to the level of protection, bio-safety cabinets are available in three classes:

  1. Class 1: These cabinets provide protection to the lab environment, as well as lab workers, but they do not protect lab samples from contamination.
  2. Class 2: These cabinets are ideal when researchers are working on hazardous materials. Both lab samples and workers are protected by them.
  3. Class 3: These bio-safety cabinets are your best option where safety is involved. You must have these if you are working with pathogens or infectious diseases. It provides an air-tight workspace that protects both the laboratory environment and workers.

Based on shape and style, commercial cabinets have three types, such as:

Organized Cabinets

If you want a comprehensive organization in your lab, then organized cabinets are essential. They are made with smaller and larger shelves combined. You can place your notes and equipment in the group of drawers. It is very important to keep your things organized, especially in large workplaces like a science lab or you will not be able to find things when they are required.

Practical Counters

The lab counters are the place where most of the lab work takes place. So, having a storage option at the counter is always great to keep your most used items close. You can have the closets above, beside or below the workplace. It is not only smart space management but it also makes the lab an efficient workspace.

Open Shelving

While most types of commercial cabinets are used to keep items safe and concealed, certain materials are needed to be kept within the site at all times so they can be accessed easily. Open shelving is the ideal option for this and it also provides an unrestricted work area.

If you want an efficient and productive lab, then make sure to purchase the right commercial cabinets most suitable for your laboratory environment and needs.