But the shine the shine of WoW WOTLK Classic faded quickly

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But the shine the shine of WoW WOTLK Classic faded quickly

Posted By letitia wilkinson     August 9, 2022    


It's no surprise the fact that World of Warcraft has had some rough times in the last few years. WoW WOTLK Classic initially showed a lot of WOW WoTLK Classic Gold  promise In particular, Torghast looked intriguing and exciting, while the new zones seemed vibrant and exciting, and Azeroth's reincarnation offered plenty of opportunities to meet old heroes as well as villains.

But the shine the shine of WoW WOTLK Classic faded quickly, perhaps faster than any other expansion. The issue has many people watching Blizzard in the midst of preparing to officially announce WoW's next update on the 19th of April. This is why, now more than ever, Blizzard must learn from its mistakes in the past and address some of the larger issues that have caused problems for WoW WOTLK Classic.

In addition to the obvious development of Sylvanas Windrunner's story arc, there was a sting from the pandemic. And the Activision Blizzard lawsuit couldn't have occurred at a more appropriate time either. But there are other important elements that have caused the latest expansion, and these are entirely in the control of the current developers.


The Covenant system (opens in a new tab) was the main issue since the time it was implemented in the first game of WoW WOTLK Classic in 2020. It allowed you to join any of the four factions after you had reached the level 60 mark, granting you specific abilities tied to your class. Conduits also allowed you to personalize your class and the spec of your chosen Covenant. It's good to hear, but it's not so good that it was almost impossible to change your mind without being behind.

Covenants was accompanied by legendary gear, again offering each player a variety of options, thanks to the passive effects available. But the currency required to build them was secured behind the Torghast currency, which was simple to open for some classes but extremely frustrating for others.

Thereafter, Sanctum of Domination raid introduced Shards of Domination in the 9.1 patch as an unusual option to set items. The socketed domination equipment caused a lot of anxiety for players as it may clash (opens in a new tab) with the armour slot with which you used your legendary gear. Also, the Shard drops you needed to complete your class were far too RNG-based, leading to many players feeling less powerful than their luckier peers.

All of these options sounded interesting on paper, and I understand the desire to give players a solid possibility of playing their characters. But as is always the case, and not just in WoW--players are always choosing the best skills and gear by observing top players, regardless of the fact that they're playing LFR raiding at mythic difficulty, or timing some Mythicand dungeon.

In spite of the best intentions of giving us more control over how we want to play, it was no longer an option --for the majority of players at least as soon as someone came up with the meta. Making it difficult to switch between  cheap WoTLK Classic Gold the two strategies to suit different games or in the event that there's a balance shift to your game, or if it does not respect the time of the player.

Fortunately, all of the difficult power systems have now been repaired in recent patches, however this change was too late. They're still in use in the game , however you are now able to switch between Conduits and Covenants with no cost, and even refund the currency to legendaries not needed, along with Domination Shards are no longer important in 9.2.

Even so, most of the friction in WoW WOTLK Classic could've been avoided even before the expansion launch, after players began to question the limitations on choosing Covenants when they were in beta as well as PTR.