The group boss that players are looking forward to is finally online in Old School RuneScape
    • Last updated June 12, 2020
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The group boss that players are looking forward to is finally online in Old School RuneScape

Posted By Helodie Jaqucline     June 12, 2020    


At a recent press conference, Old School RuneScape developer Jagex announced an exciting message that a brand-new group boss will be introduced into the game, and players can form a Gundam with 79 other players A team of 80 people fights against the boss. Of course, as team battles are introduced into the game together, they also include new combat mechanics. If you lack understanding of these mechanics, you may get stuck in the battle with the new boss. Of course, huge challenges mean richer rewards, and players can get some precious and unique rewards after the team battle ends.

If you have checked the information published by Jagex on the official website of RuneScape, you may have learned the Cheap OSRS Gold basic information about The Nightmare. This is a terrifying monster that feeds the residents' dreams. The more dreams it eats, the stronger it will become, and this enhancement is going on all the time. To prevent The Nightmare from growing into an invincible monster, players need to defeat it once and for all when it is weak. According to the introduction, their gathering place is located in the in-game town of Slepe, in Morytania. This is the first group boss in the history of Old School RuneScape, and only those players with a cooperative spirit will have the opportunity to defeat them.

You'll be able to tackle The Nightmare in groups of up to 80 players at a time. While you'll be able to technically take it down a solo, and therefore the difficulty scales with the scale of the present group, the studio says "only the very best" are able to kill The Nightmare alone – so it would be an honest idea to team and take it down together.

Best of all, the studio announces, "Every player who takes part within the fight will get their own reward, so no-one must scramble to assert the simplest loot" – and there's plenty up for grabs, including unique rewards. When the beast dies it's features a rare chance of dropping one unique item – the more damage you distribute, the higher the possibility it'll be you who get it.

There's an Inquisitor's Mace that does many damage and doesn't degrade, a Nightmare Staff and three different Orbs – Harmonised, Volatile, and Eldridtch, each with their own effects – and three pieces of Inquisitor's armour to be earned.

It is worth noting that any player who causes damage to the group boss can get a reward after the battle is over, but the higher the damage caused by the player, the more chance he will get after the battle is over. And those who have caused enough damage to The Nightmare also have the opportunity to pick up precious drops, including pets, pet, jar and clue scroll. So Qing arranges the order in which skills are used properly in battle. Maybe you are the luckiest person, perseverance is victory! Not only that, well-known OSRS Gold supplier GOLDRS will also contribute to this large-scale battle! During this period, GOLDRS will always sell Old School RuneScape Gold at the lowest price and support multiple payment methods.