Airless sprayer saves you money and paint

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Airless sprayer saves you money and paint

Posted By luxi tools     June 15, 2020    


Today we will talk about common airless paint sprayer technical errors, you can know if you need it.

Turn it down

Just adjust the pressure control device to the maximum and hit it on the material easily. In order to obtain professional results, please reduce the pressure as much as possible without tailing. This will benefit the painter in many ways.

1. Reduce pump wear and reduce maintenance costs.

2. Reduce the wear of the nozzle and save the operator the cost of replacing the worn nozzle.

3. Spray more evenly and more evenly.

4. Reduce excessive spraying – ultimately save you money and paint.

Trigger gun

Just pull the trigger and keep moving up or down or left and right, overlap and move down to spray easily. If you do not trigger the spray gun every time you change direction, then at each point you change direction, the mil thickness will at least double.

Under the proper light or over time, your customers may be able to see the heavier areas. For best results, you should trigger the gun on each stroke and move in and out with each trigger pull.

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