Needleless Injection Site -Definition Of Needleless Connector

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Needleless Injection Site -Definition Of Needleless Connector

Posted By krista medicalmould     June 15, 2020    


A needleless connector is defined as a device connected to the end of a vascular catheter to enable infusion and aspiration of the catheter. Its purpose is to act as a "microbial gatekeeper" for vascular catheters. This can be achieved by a needleless connector connected to the end of the venous catheter, so that intravenous injection can be performed safely. Safe venous access means as little operation and contamination as possible.


The needleless connectors are made of lightweight plastic, are waterproof and mouldable, and are not affected by chemicals, silicone, polyester, and stainless steel. There are several major design differences, functional differences, and functional differences between various types of needleless systems.

The exterior of the needleless valve will become transparent or opaque and have a flat, concave, concave or angled connection surface in the center. For maximum disinfection opportunities, the most desirable external design of a needleless connector is a smooth diaphragm surface with few gaps or bumps.

If the connection diaphragm and needleless valve are tightly sealed, the chance of contamination is greatly reduced. The other features of the needleless connector are the non-clamping sequence, the fluid channel is straight, transparent, and transparent, with little or no blood return, and can only be washed with saline.



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