RuneScape players with Android phones can already experience the mobile version of RuneScape

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RuneScape players with Android phones can already experience the mobile version of RuneScape

Posted By Helodie Jaqucline     June 15, 2020    


A long time ago, RuneScape developer Jagex has announced that the mobile version of RuneScape will be released soon. The latest, this news has become a reality, making all players playing Old School RuneScape excited. Prior to this, only those players who were specially invited to participate in the closed beta of smartphone and tablet clients. Now, more players will get the chance to play the mobile version of RuneScape, as long as the operating system in your phone is Android.

Because the developers have not completely perfected all the features of Old School RuneScape on the iOS platform, only players who use Android phones and have a valid RuneScape account can join the trial version of the game. Hopefully, in the near future, we can see people playing RuneScape on the iPhone.

According to the introduction, any player who is interested in participating in the early access experience can download games and create new characters on their phones. Excitingly, players can not only experience the existing Cheap OSRS Gold content of RuneScape in the mobile version of the game, but also see those new emojis, new pets and new armor that are exclusive to the mobile version of RuneScape. Even better, in order to facilitate the player to operate the game on the mobile phone, all the operation hotkeys and menu buttons have been optimized in proportion, you do not have to worry about the sight of the game will be hindered by many buttons.

Jagex also confirmed that RuneScape for mobiles will feature cross play and cross progression with the RuneScape PC client. this implies that you simply can switch freely between any device and continue your journey.

Even if you're a desktop prevail, having RuneScape installed on a handheld device should still enhance your overall experience. Push notifications will provide you with a warning on updates which may be particularly handy when training skills – one example given was an alert for when crops have grownup and are able to harvest. an excellent tool for RuneScape's farmers, then.

Last year, British people studio released old style RuneScape for mobile devices. For those of you sat there a small amount confused, this crystallised version of the net RPG (usually remarked as OSRS) dials the sport back to how it had been in 2007.

In general, because the version of Old School RuneScape is too old, players can only experience more limited skills and tasks, as well as activities that provide players with unique rewards. But for the loyal users of Old School RuneScape, these are not problems. The reason they like this game is that it is easy to learn and has a stable economic system. In addition, in order to attract more players to join, the developer Jagex has been constantly improving the quality of life of the players in the game, and further expanding the existing content of the game, which has continuously increased the download volume of the OSRS mobile version.

From the current situation, Jagex tries to attract more players by developing a mobile version of the RuneScape series of games. If you are playing Old School RuneScape, then you must understand the importance of OSRS Gold. Everything you do in the game is inseparable from RuneScape Gold, because you need to buy medicine armor and other items. There are many ways to obtain RS Gold in the game, and the fastest way is to Buy RuneScape Gold on the official website of GOLDRS.