The injection speed can be set by the operator through keyboard operation

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The injection speed can be set by the operator through keyboard operation

Posted By hong yi     June 15, 2020    


The Structure and Working Principle of injection machine pump

The injection machine pump is composed of stepping motor and its driver, screw rod and bracket, and has reciprocating screw rod and nut, so it is also called screw rod pump. The nut is connected with the piston of the syringe, and the syringe contains liquid medicine.

When in operation, the singlechip system sends out control pulses to rotate the stepping motor, and the stepping motor drives the screw rod to support the rotating motion into linear motion, so as to push the piston of the syringe to inject and infuse liquid medicine in the syringe to the human body.

By setting the rotation speed of the screw rod, the pushing speed of the screw rod to the syringe plunger can be adjusted, thus adjusting the drug dosage given. Generally, the injection drug delivery speed of the injection machine pump is 0. 1-99. SML/h.

Generally speaking, the injection action of the injection machine pump is completed by a DC motor.

The rotation of the DC motor is converted into linear motion through the transmission wheel and the transmission shaft to push the needle bolt to complete injection.

The injection speed can be set by the operator through keyboard operation. After the injection machine pump is started, the CPU raises the common motor drive voltage by means of D/A conversion. The motor rotation detection circuit is a group of photoelectric coupling circuits, and generates a pulse signal through the rotation of the motor, and the pulse signal is fed back to the CPU, which controls the motor voltage according to the feedback so as to obtain a set rotation speed.

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