This is evident with the video game industry expanding exponentially in terms of usage and participation

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This is evident with the video game industry expanding exponentially in terms of usage and participation

Posted By letitia wilkinson     August 19, 2022    


While survival games continue to increasing popularity A Valheim player has recreated World of Warcraft's Stormwind harbor in the survival game. As usual, Valheim lets players to build impressive homes such as 7 Days to Die and the WOW WoTLK Classic Gold  predecessor with pixel graphics that has maintained its supremacy in the sandbox genre, Minecraft. As a sandbox that is creative, Valheim players can construct a variety of houses, putting their creative and architectural talents to the challenge within the constraints of the game's limits.

Expression through art has become an increasingly important part of gaming in the lockdown triggered by COVID-19 and some gamers displaying their talents by creating a new version of Valheim as a comic book using artwork for the cover. The art-based outlet has led to Valheim selling 5 million copies since its launch in February. In keeping with the trend, another gamer has put their gaming skills to the test by adding a bit from World of Warcraft to the Viking Sandbox.

Sharing their work on Reddit user ericxsg, a Reddit user entered Valheim and built an iconic and well-known landmarks of World of Warcraft: Stormwind harbor. With docks and longboats, the architectural marvel is a stunning representation of the World of Warcraft original, with the rear of Stormwind Castle lurking in the background, surrounded by trees, mountains and a body of water. The creator has admitted that he loses massive amounts of frame rate while creating such deep works, ranging from 90 FPS to 20-25 FPS while strolling around the tribute.

Survival games have grown in popularity since the beginning in the fight against pandemic. The creative license as well as the horror-thriller elements provide a way to deal with the angst of a real-life survival setting however, it is reduced to a minimum. But, more than just an way to escape reality games like Valheim offer a place in which more imaginative gamers can shine, allowing them to showcase their talents in the eyes of others.

The trend is likely to continue when the world opens on an even larger scale, since people are accustomed to a new way of living. This is evident with the video game industry expanding exponentially in terms of usage and participation. Valheim has been a vehicle for creativity and has provided gamers more than just an escape from their daily struggles. In addition, games like Valheim have uncovered talents in  WoTLK Classic Gold players who may not have realized they had. The desire to return to normalis understandable, but is not likely when you consider the number of gamers and artists are now in existence.