What Do You Need To Know About Leather Pouf?

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What Do You Need To Know About Leather Pouf?

Posted By cushandco cushandco     August 22, 2022    


Brown Leather Ottoman pouf has become an essential piece in home decoration. These unique and stylish cushions are composed of genuine leather. Artisans create them using natural leather and hand-stitched materials. They design each piece beautifully with delicate geometry embroidery. 


Moreover, Leather Ottoman Australia poufs are not only furniture but art also. Usually, professionals use soft goat leather. They paint and dry them. Lastly, they cut the leather in desired shapes and sizes and finish them with silk embroidery to display expert craftsmanship.   


Customizable Unstuffed Leather Pouf:


Usually, stores sell the leather poufs unfilled so that customers can personalise them according to their comfort level. They can use polystyrene beans or old plastic bags as these filling materials are ideal for better and firmer leather poufs. 



However, people used to stuff them with camel hair, but suitable alternatives are available now.  They can use different materials to achieve the expected shape and size. 


Moroccan Leather Ottoman Poufs: What To Use As Stuffing Materials?


If you want a comfortable pouf, use Polyester Ball Fiber Filling. You can also use other materials like plastic bags, old clothing &  fabrics to achieve the desired finish you are looking for. 


You can also utilise eco-friendly materials like old clothes, pillows, towels, blankets or just newspapers to stuff your Brown Leather Ottoman pouf. 


Recycled materials:


Are you looking for a soft and light beanbag-style finish? Use foam chips, plastic bags, and polystyrene balls. These filling materials will layer down over time, and you can add them using the zip on the underside. 


One important thing to remember is that if you are looking for firmer support, go for stronger fillings. Pick the filling materials so that your Leather Ottoman pouf won’t lose its shape. 


How To Take Care Of Moroccan Leather Pouf?

Leather Cleaning instruction :


  • Never use water to clean your Leather Pouf. Instead, gently wipe it down with a clean, dry cloth whenever there’s a spill, pet hair, or other accidents on the pouffe.


  • Take a leather conditioner from any local leather goods store and apply it to your pouffe once every 6 to 12 months to help preserve the leather in its original state for longer.
  • You should avoid direct sunlight, excessive water and soap while cleaning the leather poufs. 


Storage: Keep it away from dry locations (it will rot) and places with excessive humidity.


Colour progression:


If your poof is the natural colour, filling it and exposing it to sunlight will transform the hue to a wonderful darker brown. The colour of the poof will change with the light. Depending on your total, it will take some time. If the sun is blazing, it will take around one to three weeks to acquire a decent tan.


Home Decor Ideas With Moroccan Leather Pouf:

Poufs are a terrific way to bring a touch of oriental beauty and whimsey to your rooms when decorating your comfy house in an eastern bohemian lifestyle.



Furthermore, they look fantastic in bohemian living room spaces. A few colourful pouffes will be an incredible accomplishment for your interior if your rooms are packed with diverse patterns, textures, and styles. As a result, they provide additional sitting without adding to the clutter.