Vickers vane pump layout characteristics

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Vickers vane pump layout characteristics

Posted By hong yi     June 22, 2020    


Vickers vane pump has different performance and different application directions? It is generally known that Vickers vane pump has its own characteristics and disadvantages when operating on the machine. Of course, Vickers vane pump is an important device of the hydraulic system. It relies on the reciprocating motion of blades in the cylinder body to change the volume of the sealed working chamber to realize oil absorption and pressure.

I. Vickers vane pump uses different directions

1. Vickers vane pump is generally composed of cylinder body, oil distribution plate, vane, swash plate and other main parts. There are a plurality of blades in the cylinder. The blades are arranged axially, that is, the center line of the blades is parallel to the axis of the transmission shaft, so it is called axial Vickers vane pump.

2, but it is different from reciprocating Vickers vane pump, because its blades not only do reciprocating motion in the pump cylinder, but also the blades and the pump cylinder and the swash plate have relative rotary motion.

3. Contact the swash plate with a spherical end. There are high and low pressure moon-shaped grooves on the oil distribution plate, which are separated from each other by partition walls and have certain tightness. They are respectively communicated with the oil inlet and the oil outlet of the pump. There is an inclination angle between the axis of the swash plate and the axis of the cylinder.

4. Vickers vane pump is generally used in hydraulic transmission systems of machine tools, metallurgy, forging, mining and hoisting machinery, especially widely used in high-power hydraulic transmission systems.

5. In order to improve efficiency, gear pump or sliding vane pump is usually used as auxiliary oil pump to supply oil, make up for leakage and maintain a certain pressure in the oil.

Second, Vickers vane pump layout characteristics:

1. Vickers vane pump is generally composed of cylinder body, oil distribution plate, vane, swash plate and other minor parts.

2. When the electric motor drives the transmission shaft to twist, the pump cylinder and the blade twist together, and the blade head is permanently connected to contact with the swash plate.

3. As the swash plate forms an angle with the cylinder body, when the cylinder body is twisted, the blades move in and out of the pump cylinder.

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