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Why are there more and more oil-free air compressors?

Posted By luxi tools     June 28, 2020    


With the rapid development of industry and the increase in precision of pneumatic components, the requirements for oil and water content of compressed gas in air compressor are becoming higher and higher. In the past, new products of completely oil-free air compressors greatly restricted their widespread use due to quality problems. With the improvement of the quality of all oil-free air compressors, their quality has been fundamentally improved, which can fully meet the needs of modern industrial production.

First, because of the high viscosity of the lubricating oil, the degreasing equipment cannot be completely removed, so that the gas-free compressed air of the oil-free air compressor seems irreplaceable.

Second, water removal equipment such as refrigerated dryers, heatless regenerative dryers, and microthermal regenerative dryers lose their water removal function due to the oil in the compressed air; and the clean oil-free gas after being compressed by the oil-free compressor , Fully protect the dewatering equipment and reduce the extra capital occupied by the maintenance of dewatering equipment.

Third, the use of oil-free compressor to provide compressed gas to the outside will not greatly reduce the motor load due to the pressure loss caused by the degreasing equipment, and achieve energy-saving effects. This will be a long-term invisible expenditure.

Fourth, the use of an oil compressor greatly wastes lubricating oil. At the same time, in order to remove the oil in the compressed gas, it is necessary to use an efficient oil filter.