A number of games like sneakers do
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A number of games like sneakers do

Posted By MMOexp sitefans     June 28, 2020    


I was only playing it made me wish that specific badge could be upgraded and a gold badge along with some TTO popped up once I left a layup. This led me to think of an idea that can be implemented into NBA 2k21. Allow me to just say I really like the way they did badges this year, as each card as a certain variety of badges rather. I think a consumable such as a updating card would be nice, to add NBA 2K Coins to this yet. As this might be potentially overwhelming for higher cards, I feel like the consumable upgrading card should be somewhat uncommon a diamond card as this upgrade could be permanent. An alternative may be that there are silver, bronze, and gold badge upgrading consumables that would last a number of games like sneakers do.

The badge updating card that is consumable would do the job simple. In case a NBA 2K participant doesn't have a badge you need, you can upgrade it to bronze. A way to avoid this by being disgusting is the fact that a NBA 2K player could have a limitation of how many badge upgrades they could use. Upgrades would add variety and may make the NBA 2K player go for different prices, based on if any badges were inserted. Let me know if you believe it can work and what you think of this concept, or if you'd like to see it at NBA 2k21!

Want to report a bug? The best place for that is that our Feedback & Wishlist threads where neighborhood opinions about NBA 2K is downloaded and delivered to 2K. I'm a bot, and this activity was done. Please contact the moderators of the subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. Were badge updates not something in myteam lately? I have been super into it this season but ive and I thought I packaged badges.

I think you're correct but with the way they created the badges this season, together with adding a lot of new ones, I believe they'd have to make some alterations to badge updates if they caused it back.Absolutely, I might be an optimist but when a team takes out a feature like that I like to believe theyre taling a year off to look into just how they could allow it to function much better.To preface: LONG READ, however if you are in to offline my my livelihood, you may really like it:--RRB- jump to number 1 to bypass the introduction. Jump to. Intro I had a case of crap net, so recently I have become more of a myleague/mygm guy. I went to college and became both broke and strapped for time, although myCareer was/is addicting. Due to that to Buy NBA 2K MT, I simply jacked Alex Curuso to a 99 overall and NBA 2K player locked him in an myleague.