\u200bThe Most Unforgettable Places in the World That You've Never Heard Of

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​The Most Unforgettable Places in the World That You've Never Heard Of

Posted By Max Mingay     Sep 8    


However, there are also plenty of incredible sites that you might not know about, but which should be added to your bucket list (and travel itinerary) immediately. These incredible places in the world offer something different and unique than what you’d find at any other popular tourist attraction and are guaranteed to impress you no matter what your interests are. Here are our picks for the most unforgettable places in the world that you've never heard of!

Nara Dreamland, Japan
Nara Dreamland is a defunct amusement park that used to draw crowds of tourists and locals until it closed down in 2006. It reopened for three months this past summer, allowing people from all over Japan to see this curiosity in person. However, there are strict regulations such as no smoking, no alcohol consumption, and no weapons, and masks; so anyone caught violating these rules would be expelled from the park. The unique thing about Nara Dreamland is that you'll get to walk around with real-life figures of cartoon characters like Hello Kitty and Winnie-the-Pooh throughout its five miles of roadways.

'Stari Grad' (Old Town), Croatia
Stari Grad, Croatia, is full of ancient historical buildings that date back to the 10th century. It's one of Europe's most important and well-preserved medieval towns. A walk through this town will take you past homes and landmarks such as an Orthodox Church and palace, along with various other treasures that lie just out of sight. The cobblestone paths are easy to navigate on foot or by bike. Located off Croatia's coast, Stari Grad is both a vacation destination and an important symbol of Croatian history.

Chavchavadzga Rocks, Georgia
Georgia is one of those places that may not come to mind when thinking about some of the most magnificent and picturesque destinations on earth. But it would be a shame for people to pass up this gem of a country. The landscape varies from mountainous regions, steep gorges, snow-capped peaks, and lush valleys dotted with villages and churches. With just 16% of its territory as part of continental Europe, Georgia is primarily an Oriental country, with a strong Asian influence. 
Chavchavadzga Rocks are to be found among these surreal mountain landscapes. Just a few kilometers away from Batumi (the area's main city), they have been formed by natural erosion in what appears to be their dramatic forms over time.

Mutianyu Great Wall, China
Mutianyu Great Wall is one of Beijing's ten great ancient military castles. It's one of the country's most famous cultural and historic sites. Begun during the Ming Dynasty, Mutianyu Great Wall was built over different periods of time and, due to its unique architecture, provides visitors with a complete section of ancient Chinese history เที่ยวไหนดี. From this vantage point you can see breathtaking panoramic views stretching as far as snow-capped mountains in a rugged natural setting that remains unchanged over many centuries.

Murchison Widefield Array Radio Telescope, Australia
What do you get when you combine alien-looking architecture with world's largest astronomy complex? A completely unforgettable visit to Australia. Known as the Murchison Widefield Array Radio Telescope, this installation spans 3,500 miles and at one point was the single largest telescope of its kind. Though it's primarily used for researching radio waves, it's also open to guests.

Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, South Korea
Hwaseong Fortress is South Korea's largest and best-preserved fortress, dating back to the 18th century. The sturdy stone walls can be seen from afar. Though standing at just 35 ft., it served as a major fortification for defense against foreign invasions. After WWII, American soldiers stationed in Korea helped dismantle it to prevent it from falling into Soviet hands and being used as a staging ground for an invasion of South Korea from China. Fortunately, this didn't happen and Hwaseong Fortress was rebuilt using materials salvaged from abandoned buildings nearby.

Beppu Hot Springs, Japan
Beppu Hot Springs is one of those little-known destinations that you'll never forget once you visit. The city has around three hundred hot springs - some were used by Japanese samurai before battle to warm up and treat injuries, while others are just perfect for taking a relaxing soak after a hard day of sightseeing. One especially beautiful example is Chikurinji Temple, which features a seven-tiered waterfall and garden with each step designed to represent Buddhism's mountain regions. It's no wonder visitors often find themselves wishing they could stay longer than they had planned.